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zarya kasendra poet The Stranger That I Miss by zarya kasendra Rookie - 187 Points
My heartaches when i think of you.
You've taken over my thoughts,
If desired fire is found consenting
Whole-heartedly to burn my all
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Head Separated From Body by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 28,424 Points
Head separated from body
Rolling on..
SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet A Portrait Of Man by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 28,424 Points
Drawing of boat yet to be finished
Water level raised rippling
Emmanuel Chikody poet Alphabetic Avalanche by Emmanuel Chikody Rookie - 249 Points
Alphabetic Avalanche! An Avidly Artwork Appraising Adonai Alphabetically.And Also Awaken All Asleep Amidst Advancing Avenging Armies.And Acting As
Gajanan Mishra poet In Great Danger by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 147,195 Points
Life here,
Always in
Ron Stock poet A Super Dull Pin Survives A Passionate Fantasy by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
In my youth, I had a strong body, but mind wise, as this tale will confirm, I was not, the sharpest pin in the cushion. In any case, on this warm Satu
Kim Barney poet Mystery Flowers 14 (Quatrain Plus Limerick) by Kim Barney Gold Star - 58,084 Points
Here's another flower for you;
Our garden spot has quite a few.
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Full Adoption by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 217,540 Points
Full adoption
What is so special?
arnold shabani poet A Friend Inever Had by arnold shabani Rookie - 28 Points
A Friend I Never Had
Never Pardon me for being a victim
Betania ... poet Ravel And Unravel by Betania ... Freshman - 796 Points
~Ravel and Unravel~
Looking at me closely,
Ron Stock poet Do Not Become Attached Nor Afraid by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
The last week of 1968. In an old white house called The Ghetto West in Kalamazoo. A friend and I are in a basement room of barn wood walls and carpeti
Betania ... poet Here I Am by Betania ... Freshman - 796 Points
~Here, I am~
Deep in the hours of the night,
Gajanan Mishra poet Greatest Of Mystics by Gajanan Mishra Gold Star - 147,195 Points
O, greatest of mystics,
Save me, save me,
Eva Beylich poet Body On The Beach by Eva Beylich Rookie - 408 Points
Evicted by war
they set out on a journey
Betania ... poet My Sweet Baby by Betania ... Freshman - 796 Points
My Sweet Baby
Ohhh to love you!
Afouse Neyinda poet At Night by Afouse Neyinda Freshman - 736 Points
i never knew i will do that until i
just when out during the night
Matthew J Heavner poet Midnight by Matthew J Heavner Rookie - 171 Points
I'm drunk,
Darling, so leave me be to sleep
Ron Stock poet For A Few Hours We Were All The Same by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
of Hurricane Patricia slamming into the little fishing village of La Manzanilla del Mar, Mexico, on October 23,2015, in the late afternoon, early eve
Tom Zart poet Italy Earthquake Tears & Sorrow! by Tom Zart Gold Star - 8,205 Points
Tears are the raindrops of the soul
And there's one for all who die.
Ron Stock poet A Love Poem For Endangered Species by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
These friends need our help who are swimming in the water.
The Nile crocodile and the Congo clawless otter.
Linda Barnes poet Little Miss Harper Avery by Linda Barnes Veteran Poet - 1,758 Points
As the sun came up
We waited for you
Kewayne Wadley poet Hershey's Kiss by Kewayne Wadley Gold Star - 14,911 Points
Her heart was like an Hershey's kiss
It's been quite a while since I've had a craving for such,
Ron Stock poet No One Loses Love That Isn't There by Ron Stock Veteran Poet - 1,076 Points
I'm sweeping the back porch of my gallery on Pier 22 under the Bay Bridge on the San Francisco waterfront, and notice an old homeless bum sitting on a
Anne Yun poet Laugh, You Silly by Anne Yun Gold Star - 4,966 Points
I love laughing in your laugh
sometimes even in your weep
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