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Dannie Abse poet A Heritage by Dannie Abse
A heritage of a sort.
A heritage of comradeship and suffocation.
Hasmukh Amathalal poet Debate Unnecessary by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 189,822 Points
Debate unnecessary
Let there be no argument
Lianah Quero poet Escape by Lianah Quero Rookie - 23 Points
Hating this life
So full of strife
Eric Cockrell poet God Hath by Eric Cockrell Rookie - 83 Points
God hath not a name,
But a million faces,
Elena Sandu poet Silence, Like A Glass Of Poison by Elena Sandu Silver Star - 4,380 Points
Silence, like
a glass of poison
Steve McCaffery poet Green Sahara by Steve McCaffery
Across a green Sahara
the Neuter staggers to embarrassing enormity
Steve McCaffery poet The Neural Protocol by Steve McCaffery
After checking the cranial indices
one enters the cave of Plato
Robert Murray Smith poet Life On A Purple Sailing Ship by Robert Murray Smith Freshman - 504 Points
Purple is the purple urchins of the sea
Not a sailing ship, are you with me dear
Steve McCaffery poet Alone With The Animals by Steve McCaffery
Night made everything illegible
but Kimberley Madison was her name
Bharati Nayak poet Nija Paain Dinatie(A Poem In Odia Language) by Bharati Nayak Gold Star - 29,808 Points
Mo jibanara dina, masa, barsa
Bhasi jae, biti jae
Steve McCaffery poet Envoi by Steve McCaffery
But it is not our wish to reproduce
ourselves through you
Steve McCaffery poet Negative Statement by Steve McCaffery
two divisions.
Gibbons Ruark poet Waiting for You with the Swallows by Gibbons Ruark
I was waiting for you
Where the four lanes wander
Gibbons Ruark poet Quarantine by Gibbons Ruark
Some things happened every year, no matter what:
The air cooled down a little after a storm,
Lionara S.T.M.O.L. poet Grace = Seemly Justice by Lionara S.T.M.O.L. Gold Star - 4,611 Points
You are, I see you guilty, victim of your circumstances.
If a judge will caught you, you will live condemnation.
Gibbons Ruark poet Words to Accompany a Bunch of Cornflowers by Gibbons Ruark
Those beads of lapis, even the classical
Blues of dawn, are dimmed by comparison.
Gibbons Ruark poet Last Day at Newbliss by Gibbons Ruark
In the early afternoon, a fine rain falls
To three clocks ticking, not one of them on time.
Gibbons Ruark poet The Deer Longing by Gibbons Ruark
The deer longing to write this poem for you
Has been standing longer than a man can imagine
Lionara S.T.M.O.L. poet Επιείκεια= Ευπρεπής Δικαιοσύνη by Lionara S.T.M.O.L. Gold Star - 4,611 Points
Είσαι, το βλέπω ένοχος, των συνθηκών σου θύμα.
Αν σε μαγκώσει δικαστής, θα ζήσεις καταδίκη.
Gibbons Ruark poet Session Beginning in Sunlight by Gibbons Ruark
The day's too warm for the tart smoke of a turf fire,
Though dust motes in the sunlight are a kind of smoke,
Gibbons Ruark poet Lightness in Age by Gibbons Ruark
It means not having to muscle your bag
Onto the baggage rack for the flight to Dublin.
Gibbons Ruark poet Birdsong After a Sleepless Night by Gibbons Ruark
His "teakettle" sound from somewhere smells like toast.
What's early for him for me is very late.
Eric Cockrell poet Joy by Eric Cockrell Rookie - 83 Points
Not with angry tongues,
Nor with bitter thoughts.
Gibbons Ruark poet Larkin by Gibbons Ruark
This first-name-only business beggars history,
As if the young mistook Ben Jonson's need
Gibbons Ruark poet Wayside flowers on the Hazel Brae by Gibbons Ruark
Daybreak of your voice across the ocean
Swept through me like a fresh wind over water
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