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Elena Plotkin poet Brotherly Love by Elena Plotkin Veteran Poet - 1,821 Points
There was one kid that teased me every day,
Pulled my ears and wouldn't go away.
Francis Duggan poet No One Person Knows by Francis Duggan Gold Star - 7,612 Points
No one person knows everything of Nature of that's there's no doubt
And on Nature always plenty for to write about
Driss Ezzireg poet Such Is The Thing. by Driss Ezzireg Silver Star - 3,653 Points
Such was the thing
That struck me like lightening,
Wolfgang Steinmann poet Spiegel Im Februar by Wolfgang Steinmann Veteran Poet - 1,699 Points
Der Morgen graut mit schw├╝lem Regenduft
Auf dunst'gem Grund und Baum, mit fader Luft.
D.A. Woods poet Looks Like Rain by D.A. Woods Rookie - 295 Points
My love is all broken,
and the sky has changed colour,
Barry Middleton poet Cold Envy by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 5,007 Points
I pity mankind
who works for fire
Marilyn Jean poet I Miss by Marilyn Jean Gold Star - 13,649 Points
Today was OK but not great at all
Too many little things bothered me
Forrest Hainline poet Psalm 090 by Forrest Hainline Freshman - 595 Points
Mountains were raised
Elena Plotkin poet What Binds Your Heart To Mine by Elena Plotkin Veteran Poet - 1,821 Points
What binds your heart to mine,
Must be thicker than a bit of twine.
Emily Jackosn poet Lost by Emily Jackosn Rookie - 22 Points
You don't understand.
I will not accept that.
Stephen Holcombe poet Dreaming Of You by Stephen Holcombe Rookie - 41 Points
If this is a dream, do not wake me, but if this is real I wish not to sleep.
Cmack Estevez poet Poet God by Cmack Estevez Rookie - 255 Points
Poet God
The world isn't mine
D.A. Woods poet Fools Gold by D.A. Woods Rookie - 295 Points
And there it is.
Cmack Estevez poet Uncle Clarence Was A Rolling Stone by Cmack Estevez Rookie - 255 Points
Uncle Clarence was a rolling stone
My real pop was a coward
Cmack Estevez poet Who Is Christopher Carson Burton? by Cmack Estevez Rookie - 255 Points
Who is Christopher Carson Burton?
Who am I?
Dr subhendu kar poet By Love Of Light by Dr subhendu kar Bronze Star - 2,997 Points
Night is never hasty to leave darkness
As eyes meander inquest of sweet breeze
Cmack Estevez poet Angela Has A Baby by Cmack Estevez Rookie - 255 Points
Angela has a baby
Angela has a light baby
Cmack Estevez poet Let The Kids Grow by Cmack Estevez Rookie - 255 Points
Let the kids grow
They're kids in the hood that wants to go the negative route.
Kelly Kurt poet Half-Cocked (Tanka) by Kelly Kurt Gold Star - 98,194 Points
A loaded weapon
Some of the rounds live, some blanks
Col Muhamad Khalid Khan poet World Is Strange by Col Muhamad Khalid Khan Gold Star - 15,916 Points
World is strange with all its strangeness it haunts
Sincerity is always taken as a plaything to play
Raymond Sawyer poet For Every Moon Raise Thus The Sky Is Fill With Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 29,513 Points
When it's night thus one will see a star that twinkle in once eyes with respect but for who's heart will be touch with respect thus it's the heart tha
Vincent Bayer poet Foggy Morning Woods by Vincent Bayer Freshman - 548 Points
Wrapped in the soft shroud of daybreak
The tree tops rise above the veil of fog
Michael P. McParland poet Sweet Snuggles by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 47,636 Points
Lying here on this afternoon listening to Mozart
trying to beat out this headache that's hanging
Raymond Sawyer poet For The Heart That Wish For Respect. by Raymond Sawyer Gold Star - 29,513 Points
When a heart is lonely for one who's heart is lonely thus one wish for the touch of respect but for who's heart that cry for the touch of respect yet
Nick Kler poet Figment Of Memories by Nick Kler Veteran Poet - 1,397 Points
When I get so scared
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