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SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR poet Haiku-131 (Winter Setting In) by SRIRANJI ARATISANKAR Gold Star - 17,624 Points
Winter setting in
If you have a live charcoal of love
Felix Emeka George poet On April 26 by Felix Emeka George Freshman - 735 Points
On this day I pass out
I stand overwhelmed
jim hogg poet Across From Jack's by jim hogg Freshman - 561 Points
We met outside the Alamo
That quiet pub across from Jack's
Robert Murray Smith poet Dreamy by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 12,088 Points
There was a woman of some means
Who was very fond of long dreams
Aiko Jerry poet Poet by Aiko Jerry Rookie - 127 Points
am trying to be the new poet
get my gist, slice and dice it
Donald Sepeng poet Sleep by Donald Sepeng Rookie - 23 Points
Reality is a nightmare, so I went to sleep.
And hoped that there God my soul shall keep.
Haleh Esmailian poet قصه گو by Haleh Esmailian Rookie - 202 Points
بسی زود شد دیر و از ما چه سود؟
صدایت زدم:
Robert Murray Smith poet Finding Love - Making A Move by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 12,088 Points
Finding love, a cow kept munching grass
She was too shy, to make a move, or moo
Mary Angela Douglas poet Better Than Roses, Thank You St. Therese by Mary Angela Douglas Gold Star - 11,763 Points
in Christmas storybooks the dolls are all lined up
in the pictured shop window, variously
WES Vogler poet (senryu Series) Once More Into The Fray #20 by WES Vogler Gold Star - 48,716 Points
Addendum to 'Candy' (Senryu Series) - Poem by Kelly Kurt
Lollipops kelly
Robert Murray Smith poet Anima- The Reality by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 12,088 Points
The anima is real they say
A soul, real, like shoes, fay
Pavan Ramesh poet Life Will Find A Way by Pavan Ramesh Rookie - 103 Points
I have lived thousands of sunrises
and sunsets...
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet ' Blood Moon... { Rv-Rp } by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 72,297 Points
Colours of 'stil de graine' clothing Moon
passing 'cross the Earths Northern Lights
Robert Murray Smith poet A Soulless Soul by Robert Murray Smith Gold Star - 12,088 Points
A soulless soul, passed by, today
Not tanned for the weather, in play
Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR poet Black Iced Coffee In The Summer Of Paris { Version Trois /.. by Frank James Ryan Jr...FjR Gold Star - 72,297 Points
Christopher Bean,
coffees best choice,
Dimitri Jagodinski poet You Do Not Realize How Beautiful You Are To Me by Dimitri Jagodinski Freshman - 908 Points
My heart compliments you freely
Love is the only thing my eyes see
Kurt Philip Behm poet Whose Blood by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 6,864 Points
Is the right proprietary?
Is arrogance ordained?
David Olusanya poet Tell This To That Dazzling Angel by David Olusanya Veteran Poet - 1,221 Points
Tell this to that dazzling angel
that caught my eyes and made me fell.
Kurt Philip Behm poet His Riches Claimed by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 6,864 Points
A fool
A rich father
Sumita Jetley poet I Could Not Bring Myself To Care by Sumita Jetley Silver Star - 3,439 Points
I do recollect this morning.
It does make me thoughtful.
Morakinyo Temiloluwa Bolarinwa poet Audacity by Morakinyo Temiloluwa Bolarinwa Rookie - 370 Points
Throw me a brick,
and I will catch a pellet,
Morakinyo Temiloluwa Bolarinwa poet Upon Death by Morakinyo Temiloluwa Bolarinwa Rookie - 370 Points
Maybe when I die,
Legacy would be sealed,
Muhammad Jahoorul Islam poet তরিকতের ভাষায় লতিফা কি......৩......... by Muhammad Jahoorul Islam Silver Star - 3,586 Points
লতিফা মোট দশটি।
সেগুলো হলঃকলব, রুহ, শিররুন, খাবী, আকফা, নাফস, আব, আতস, খাক, বাদ লতিফা।তবে এসকল লতিফার ভিতর প্রথম ছয়টি লতিফা হল মূখ্য আর বাকিগুলো হল গ
Lalitha Narayanan poet Full Moon Subdued by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 27,963 Points
When heart is rich, you are subdued
when overwhelming love seduces your thoughts
Liza Sud poet I Am Conserved As In A Cloud, by Liza Sud Gold Star - 31,910 Points
I am conserved as in a cloud,
I read a book - by Edit Nesbit.
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