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Manish Upadhyay poet Only Mother Can.. by Manish Upadhyay Rookie - 44 Points
You teach me how to speak
You teach me how to eat
Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel poet Human Mind by Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel Gold Star - 7,444 Points
ah well-filled laugh in my mouth
waiting for a beautiful revenge
Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla poet Your Dreams Are Mine! by Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla Veteran Poet - 1,989 Points
Because you can't speak,
i shall see you alive in my words,
hasmukh amathalal poet दुनिया ने मुझे खूब सताया Duniyaa Ne by hasmukh amathalal Gold Star - 130,205 Points
दुनिया ने मुझे खूब सताया
दुनिया ने मुझे खूब सताया
Jennie Renee Sparrow poet Shadows by Jennie Renee Sparrow Bronze Star - 2,328 Points
When will this body last before its beauty starts to fade
How long will it be before life takes us in its embrace
Ronell Warren Alman poet Do Not Walk Into Someone's Life by Ronell Warren Alman Bronze Star - 2,764 Points
Do not walk into someone's life
And then run away
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet The Happy Parenthood. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 52,182 Points
Parents are slowly becoming old
And the old age problems and ailments
Lalitha Narayanan poet Like A Lightning Flash He Appears Before Me, My Krishna Is.. by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 5,379 Points
When I met him at college
he was Krishna
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet How The Life Itself. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 52,182 Points
Parents the worthy life they led
They lived for a betterment of their own children
William Coyne poet Hard Rise by William Coyne Freshman - 872 Points
We share with growing things struggles for life;
saplings, the overhanging canopy,
Lalitha Narayanan poet In The Middle Of A Colour Cartoon, I Started Crying When A.. by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 5,379 Points
They started tea
then only I realised
Dr.V.K. Kanniappan poet Basic Principles Said By The Highly Learned Persons! by Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Gold Star - 10,329 Points
One should start eating his food
…before the wetness of the feet
Ramesh T A poet Unity In Diversity! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 19,785 Points
Unity in diversity is a great policy to follow
Whether it is society or nation or world sure!
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet I Am Proud As Indian by Asit Kumar Sanyal Gold Star - 8,855 Points
India is a mobile nation
Here 92 billion people use mobile
Lalitha Narayanan poet Silence, Silence Please, Hello, You Only, Please Keep Quiet. by Lalitha Narayanan Gold Star - 5,379 Points
I am afraid
somebody may snatch my baby;
Jennie Renee Sparrow poet When I Dream by Jennie Renee Sparrow Bronze Star - 2,328 Points
I know exactly who I'm supposed to be
Even if no one else believes in me
mary douglas poet It Is Maytime In The Picture Book by mary douglas Veteran Poet - 1,583 Points
it is maytime in the picture book:
hence, the pink ribbons, pale, the
Tom Zart poet Politicians & God's Blessings by Tom Zart Gold Star - 6,018 Points
The Lord can close doors no man can open
And open doors no man can close.
S.D. TIWARI poet Ai Kavita Meri (Hindi) ऐ कविता मेरी by S.D. TIWARI Bronze Star - 2,611 Points
ऐ कविता मेरी
बता तनिक ऐ कविता मेरी
Margarita Morton (Cortes) poet Here With You by Margarita Morton (Cortes) Veteran Poet - 1,281 Points
Simple it may be
Honestly for me
Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos poet Must Your Gratitude Be A Knife? by Alem Hailu Gabre Kristos Silver Star - 3,614 Points
On top of my labour
In the farmyard
Margaret Moran poet Set No Limit by Margaret Moran Gold Star - 11,339 Points
On your love have more
Love for others than before
Chukwuebuka Onah poet Travail On String by Chukwuebuka Onah Rookie - 87 Points
On decades they sat on mourn. Divergent rays scorning their spines. Skulls became bald, hairs in grey. Wrinkles caressing their starved bones, swallo
Barry Middleton poet Sestina To The Ballerina by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 5,316 Points
her seductive dance enchanted
but with the season she departed
Meriam Joseph poet When I Die by Meriam Joseph Freshman - 756 Points
Tonight the world'll shine bright
Under dancing, flickering, thunder lights
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