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on 7/22/2014
Babul ki Dua
Yun hi hansti raho muskurati raho,
Tum khizaon mein bhi gul khilati raho,
Akhtar Jawad poet by Akhtar Jawad
on 7/22/2014
The Greatest Dream
These books are chasing me in my dreams
Biting my brain bit by bit
Jyothirmai Uppu poet by Jyothirmai Uppu
on 7/22/2014
Borders, ' Phony Scandals' and Burgers
It is so painful to see,
This Country of Two Seas,
Sandra Feldman poet by Sandra Feldman
on 7/22/2014
Electric Love
Kiss me you fool!
Or I will surely die of loveless pride
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/22/2014
Only One Way That Can Be Interpreted
Living life,
As if invited to explore it...
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet by Lawrence S. Pertillar
on 7/22/2014
Psalm 065
You still
The roaring waves
Forrest Hainline poet by Forrest Hainline
on 7/22/2014
The Village that Wasn't There!
I went to stay with an old schoolmate
In the village of Rushing Brooke,
David Lewis Paget poet by David Lewis Paget
on 7/22/2014
start eating sushi now, wasabi warriors
i told my boys today
'someday you are going to learn japanese... you know why? '
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 7/22/2014
The Song of Love Sing I, Whsitle I
The song of love whistle I, sing I
Whenever see I, remember I,
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/22/2014
As the children of God we put our trust in the Lord
Our very lives testify to His divine power.
Tom Zart poet by Tom Zart
on 7/22/2014
थांनो लामा हो
गोगो दैसा मोनसे दैमुनिफ्राय बोहैबोदोँ बबेबा थांखिसिम गुबै दैसा महरै। हेँथा दाहो बिखौ हेँथा दाहो लामाया हगार गोसोयाब हांमा थागोन दुखु थागोन। बोहैनो लाम
Bahadur Basumatary poet by Bahadur Basumatary
on 7/22/2014
I do admit
I do admit
You are stronger
gajanan mishra poet by gajanan mishra
on 7/22/2014
Pink @ Red& White
Moribund is the state of my mind
Best described
asoke ray poet by asoke ray
on 7/22/2014
My Life My Way
Which to choose?
For the morning blues
Kemi Kemms poet by Kemi Kemms
on 7/22/2014
i deserve you
you still want to leave me again
you still try to tear and to hurt
ahmed abomahfouz poet by ahmed abomahfouz
on 7/22/2014
Matin de toujours
C'est sûre la inexistante pureté de l'amour.
Les flammes, la passion est la chauffage,
bjpafa Almeida poet by bjpafa Almeida
on 7/22/2014
Hey, you there?
Hey, you there?
I wanna share with you some talks.
on 7/22/2014
Moment Of Madness
The sun secures her stellar smile.
The misty moon may mend a memory missed.
Oduro Bright Amoh poet by Oduro Bright Amoh
on 7/22/2014
if you ask me
what it takes
to be happy in love,
Pradip Chattopadhyay poet by Pradip Chattopadhyay
on 7/22/2014
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