New Poems


Title Poet
Who Is God? So Asked Our Dog
The pressure of the moment can cause someone to kill someone or something
The leniency of consideration might treat with more kindness
Dara Wier poet by Dara Wier
on 7/23/2014
A Beam Of Light
This world is wide
But you are all alone
Aya Alkassab poet by Aya Alkassab
on 7/23/2014
Mr. Willy Will
Stout and haughty Mr. Willy Will,
Erroneously thought he had the Supreme Will,
Vishal Singh poet by Vishal Singh
on 7/23/2014
It took me long,
To sense your grace.
Twinkle Prasanth poet by Twinkle Prasanth
on 7/23/2014
Drama Queen
She sat at the edge of the second floor,
‘I'm going to jump! ' she cried,
David Lewis Paget poet by David Lewis Paget
on 7/23/2014
Untitled 5
Your poison is taking over me,
Taking over me,
Breanna Elwin poet by Breanna Elwin
on 7/23/2014
Oh! Abiku
Oh! Abiku
Why your celebration ended on a discordant note?
Ejalonibu Abraham poet by Ejalonibu Abraham
on 7/23/2014
Paola Degli Esposti poet by Paola Degli Esposti
on 7/23/2014
Raw Youth
Bursting of buds
Spraying of sweet suds
Tiku akp poet by Tiku akp
on 7/23/2014
A Song of Faith
These nights go slowly
Like a feather falling to the ground
Husna Amin poet by Husna Amin
on 7/23/2014
can we be punky
We cant all be punky Brewster
lifes not all fun and games
Frederick J.B. Moore II poet by Frederick J.B. Moore II
on 7/23/2014
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