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Suzanne Hayasaki poet You Are Abominable by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 224 Points
You Are Abominable
You are my yeti.
Katia Kapovich poet To the Quarry and Back by Katia Kapovich
White hail pelting the frozen bog,
I'm stuck in the first line of January,
August Kleinzahler poet The Dog Stoltz by August Kleinzahler
The dog Stoltz pushed his paw pads into my neck,
the warm, beaten leather deep under my chin,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Bear It Like A Brahmin by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 224 Points
Have no fear, my dear,
Said the snake to the nestling,
Alicia Suskin Ostriker poet The Dogs at Live Oak Beach, Santa Cruz by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
As if there could be a world
Of absolute innocence
Michael P. McParland poet Morning Note 77 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 14,444 Points
Good morning sweet love
I pray you are well
Suzanne Hayasaki poet The Snowy Leopard by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 224 Points
I am lithe.
I am stealthy.
Courtney gomo poet Lady In The Glass Dress by Courtney gomo Rookie - 241 Points
I can see right through you,
past your body to your soul.
Aran Kasrawy poet What A Rush? by Aran Kasrawy Rookie - 4 Points
You are not here by my side
But you are
Suzanne Hayasaki poet The Spider Queen by Suzanne Hayasaki Rookie - 224 Points
“Arise! ” She cries.
“Awake and come! I summon! ”
John Dustman poet Witkowski by John Dustman Rookie - 0 Points
May 25,2015
Courtney gomo poet Dear Child by Courtney gomo Rookie - 241 Points
First f all I'd like to say that,
it will all be okay.
William Morris poet Prologue of the Earthly Paradise by William Morris
Of Heaven or Hell I have no power to sing,
I cannot ease the burden of your fears,
SAKISABRE Saki poet Salsaabil 62 On Variety Of Thing Poem@sakisabre! by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,869 Points
I fear the day
a day that my friends
Sudipta Bhattacharyya poet My Pen by Sudipta Bhattacharyya Rookie - 401 Points
Today my pen halts;
Every failure devours me,
Stephen MearaBlount poet A Summer Long Ago by Stephen MearaBlount Rookie - 54 Points
As I was walking amongst loved ones I know,
My thoughts turned back to a summer long ago.
Shelley Hornsby poet The Piano by Shelley Hornsby Rookie - 440 Points
Father burned the piano last night.
Ordered it out of the house under
SAKISABRE Saki poet ***জ্ঞানপাপী বলো কোথায় তিনি সাম্প্রদায়িক*** by SAKISABRE Saki Silver Star - 3,869 Points
কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম
বিংশ শতাব্দীর অন্যতম জনপ্রিয় বাঙালি কবি, সঙ্গীতজ্ঞ, সংগীতস্রষ্টা, দার্শনিক, যিনি বাংলা কাব্যে অগ্রগামী ভূমিকার সঙ্গে সঙ্গে প্রগতিশ
Mr. M Jamal poet Meri Kaifiyat (Urdu) by Mr. M Jamal Freshman - 634 Points
Baitaab hui meri aankhein
Aankhoon say barsay saawan
Phil Soar poet This Wonderful Isle by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,011 Points
Walking through valleys and woodland retreats
With beauty around you, and logs for some seats
Katrina Savvidis poet Falling Into You by Katrina Savvidis Freshman - 805 Points
Falling into you
I see the mirrored shape of my soul
Phil Soar poet Lol by Phil Soar Gold Star - 6,011 Points
Laughing out loud
In a crowd
ajay srivastava poet My India by ajay srivastava Rookie - 151 Points
My India, our beloved India
Always remain happy and prosperous.
Wissal BHR poet He Told Me To Wait by Wissal BHR Rookie - 0 Points
He told me to wait
Wait for what for whom
ajay srivastava poet प्रिय भारत by ajay srivastava Rookie - 151 Points
मेरा भारत हमारा सब का प्रिय भारत
हमेशा खुशहाल और सम्पन्न रहे
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