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Kishore Kumar Das poet In Check by Kishore Kumar Das Gold Star - 12,312 Points
Sunset over
I stroll across the sea beach
Honny Zubedi poet 'The Festival.' by Honny Zubedi Rookie - 494 Points
It is a happy day for every body,
Sad it is as usual for me;
Tony Adah poet Good Omen Song by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,728 Points
The sun blossom in a gold rising
Birds chatter songs
Margie Amelia Antou poet I Miss You by Margie Amelia Antou Rookie - 55 Points
I miss you
When I'm in lonely time
albot george poet Dumb-Founding by albot george Gold Star - 4,823 Points
You've have a fat cheek, come to think of it' not just your cheeks
But it was you that decided that it was ok to go out without my permission
Albert Vynckier poet Le Langage Est-Il Mathématique? by Albert Vynckier Veteran Poet - 1,742 Points
certains ne jurent que par les lettres, d'autres préfèrent les chiffres. les deux côtés de la pièce sont sans doute indispensables pour avoir une expl
Edward Kofi Louis poet C. S. L. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 173,627 Points
Create a world of peace! ! Where love rules;
Serving all mankind with the joy of your heart,
Hazel Durham poet The Power Of Love by Hazel Durham Gold Star - 18,888 Points
I see the terrible haunted look in your frenzied eyes,
As you peer intensely into the magnifying glass
John Fenton Mcleish poet Crown Whore by John Fenton Mcleish Veteran Poet - 1,613 Points
passed the bar
i'm a lawyer
Sanket Adhikari poet Untouched by Sanket Adhikari Rookie - 284 Points
Thoughts of my past, suffers my present.
A hope of touching my better future.
Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni poet Walking On Snake's Way by Siwaphiwe Fortune Zwelethu Shweni Gold Star - 4,963 Points
It was in the afternoon of a hot sunny day,
I was walking on a grass field.
Laura arwen poet Happy Heaven by Laura arwen Gold Star - 4,690 Points
My heaven is
very happy
Chenou Liu poet Butterfly Dream Tanka by Chenou Liu Gold Star - 9,988 Points
from my butterfly dream
Paul Butters poet Cool by Paul Butters Silver Star - 4,179 Points
Assonance was ensconced in my bonce once.
It puts me in the mood for a muse.
Luo Zhihai poet Young And Aggressive by Luo Zhihai Gold Star - 72,671 Points
Young and Aggressive
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)
Marilyn Lott poet Anger by Marilyn Lott Silver Star - 4,208 Points
I know that anger can destroy us
Edward Kofi Louis poet Sunshine Of Love by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 173,627 Points
Please, bring back the sunshine;
Sunshine of love!
Edward Kofi Louis poet No One Is Above Mistake by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 173,627 Points
No one is above mistake!
So, let's learn from the works of the truth and,
Micah Johnson poet We Micah And Saliah Destined To Be Together Forever And Ge.. by Micah Johnson Rookie - 0 Points
Micah And Saliah two names that go sweet together. We are destined to meet. My love for you is everlasting. The love is tasty and classy. We will marr
Barry Middleton poet An Unrepentant Violet by Barry Middleton Gold Star - 41,660 Points
an unrepentant violet
fell from the sun
Laura arwen poet Piece Of Me by Laura arwen Gold Star - 4,690 Points
I would sleep
all day just
Sarah Louise Persson poet Emptiness by Sarah Louise Persson Gold Star - 6,290 Points
Visions of an empty space,
A nothing shell of white,
Tony Adah poet The Drunk by Tony Adah Gold Star - 22,728 Points
Plural cups
Ran down
Laura arwen poet Extreme Isolation by Laura arwen Gold Star - 4,690 Points
I'm crazy if
I leave the
Ramesh T A poet A Joy From Indian Chocolate! by Ramesh T A Gold Star - 32,079 Points
South Indian chocolate made of coconut and jaggery
Kindles nostalgia of childhood days' adventure at the
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