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grace mariner poet Love Is by grace mariner Bronze Star - 2,473 Points
Love is caustic.
It corrodes and bites deep into the flesh and bone of the weak.
Dr. Antony Theodore poet The Law Of The Unconscious by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,296 Points
There is a law in the unconscious
that whatever you avoid
Moira Cameron poet Voynich Manuscript (August 23,2016) by Moira Cameron Gold Star - 11,073 Points
An ancient tome, a mystery,
Years unperturbed by probing minds
Abdu Hoo poet Sukoon E Dil... by Abdu Hoo Silver Star - 4,421 Points
mere dil key andherey kamrey me woh gar aayi hoti,
chand ki chandni se ziyada us ki nooraan e noor hoti....
Tom Zart poet Wisdom & Worth! by Tom Zart Gold Star - 8,205 Points
The prize jewels of our nation
Are the shepherds of the heart.
Dr. Antony Theodore poet Every Emotion Has A Reason To Serve You. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,296 Points
Every emotion has a reason to serve you.
So let the emotion rise.
Hebert Logerie poet Donald Tuff Will Not Be Elected by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 9,454 Points
Like many people that I know
We will not vote for Donald Tuff
Dr. Antony Theodore poet Mastering The Art Of Letting Go. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,296 Points
With patience,
dedication and love,
Dr. Antony Theodore poet Love And Spirit Meet In Your Center. by Dr. Antony Theodore Gold Star - 81,296 Points
There is a center in the body
where love and spirit meet.
Frank Blacharczyk poet Can We Be Friends by Frank Blacharczyk Veteran Poet - 1,204 Points
I have kissed my soul on the cheek with 30 pieces of silver
I wish I knew how to say it easier a lie
Michael P. McParland poet Love Note 510 by Michael P. McParland Gold Star - 66,939 Points
Good afternoon my sweet Angel dove
and having just arrived home
Richard Allen Beevor poet Spirit by Richard Allen Beevor Silver Star - 3,637 Points
The spirit moves within me,
my eyes not seeking find the sun.
V.Muthu Manickam poet Power Of The Goddess! by V.Muthu Manickam Veteran Poet - 1,022 Points
It was celebration of the Panguni Pongal for the sixth day
People assemble before the Goddess Kaali, to pray
safari mupe poet Tell Me… by safari mupe Rookie - 490 Points
Eh! I'm sorry, I'm curious!
I know, it's hard!
Dorothy (Alves) Holmes poet Let's Pretend by Dorothy (Alves) Holmes Gold Star - 5,027 Points
wearing mask,
Soha Zidan poet Human Nature by Soha Zidan Freshman - 545 Points
I chuckle they say, 'What an indecent creature! '
I sob they say, 'What a depressing being! '
Donal Mahoney poet A Matter Of Choice by Donal Mahoney Gold Star - 13,753 Points
Someone has to cut the grass
Molly tells Bill
Adegbite Adeyinka poet He Is Not My Friend by Adegbite Adeyinka Rookie - 365 Points
He is not my friend, no he is not
I know my own, he is not one;
Rose Kanana poet The Morning Charmer by Rose Kanana Bronze Star - 2,111 Points
He is mysterious, He is unpredictable
He is unknown to them but keeps them as friends
safari mupe poet Never Forget by safari mupe Rookie - 490 Points
I told you to wait
of course you listened.
dave lessard poet Stars by dave lessard Veteran Poet - 1,374 Points
Stars are hot, or stars are cold,
like people that I know;
Neal Beightol poet Renaissance by Neal Beightol Freshman - 627 Points
The arbor of spring
Solemn oaks now fringed in green
Dexsta Ray Jr. poet Speak To Me, Do, Lord by Dexsta Ray Jr. Gold Star - 9,400 Points
Speak now, speak, speak to me, Lord
Don't toss me away
Hasmukh Amathalal poet At Each Corner by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 216,615 Points
At each corner
I only love
Kakoli Choudhury poet Life (3) by Kakoli Choudhury Freshman - 700 Points
The golden heart weeps,
Callous one grimaces loud
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