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Musfiq us shaleheen poet Overcoat by Musfiq us shaleheen Bronze Star - 2,926 Points
sometimes I try to remember
WES Vogler poet (limerick) My Name Is Louise (Part One) by WES Vogler Gold Star - 24,033 Points
My Name Is Louise (part one)
An organ's a piano that growls.
Edward Kofi Louis poet Only With Love by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 76,963 Points
Your need a love song;
David Whalen poet Mom's Uncommon Scents by David Whalen Veteran Poet - 1,896 Points
Angels smell like cookies
Anahit Arustamyan poet I Write To You by Anahit Arustamyan Veteran Poet - 1,502 Points
Valentine! Do read my message! Do get a lit bulb! Do undress my words in the bright sunshine! A mild rain may drip into my ink to bath
krishna ghimire poet Tonight People's Spirit Will Lit The Light by krishna ghimire Rookie - 296 Points
Tonight people's spirit will lit the light,
And we'll see their might win,
Lexie Pauli poet Today by Lexie Pauli Rookie - 20 Points
It's like any other
William Blackman poet Queen Of My Desire by William Blackman Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
From the burning bed of fantasy she shook and pointed
her undressed wing. A willing foot soldier for all her
T (no first name) Wignesan poet Unquotable Quotes - Ii by T (no first name) Wignesan Silver Star - 3,654 Points
Unquotable quotes - II
Edward Kofi Louis poet M. O. J. O. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 76,963 Points
Manage your life with the works of the truth!
Overcoming the odds of the world with positive morals;
oskar hansen poet The Lay Of The Land by oskar hansen Gold Star - 5,533 Points
The Lay of the Land
If my thoughts had wings
Rathna nagaraja poet Chastity by Rathna nagaraja Rookie - 63 Points
4. Chastity
On Valentine Day
Edward Kofi Louis poet D. V. C. by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 76,963 Points
Depending on the truth is better than, promoting lies!
Viewing the ways of life with the eyeglasses of love;
Rob Knetsch poet A Mere Slave by Rob Knetsch Rookie - 386 Points
my twisting brain
my melting mind
William Blackman poet Lady In Pink by William Blackman Veteran Poet - 1,415 Points
I see it clearly her sterling beauty.
Long and lovely stems of a rose freshly cut.
Hebert Logerie poet Après La Tempête by Hebert Logerie Gold Star - 6,470 Points
Après la tempête
Viennent la belle fête,
Lee Mack poet Do Not Believe That Sign Xx Xxx Xx Improvisation .. by Lee Mack Silver Star - 3,058 Points
Lee B. Mack
4312 Sugarstone Lane apt 214
Lora Colon poet A Winter Night by Lora Colon Gold Star - 6,993 Points
Winter stretched its callous fingers
And reclaimed my summer bouquet,
Dawson Cushman poet No One Else by Dawson Cushman Rookie - 0 Points
No one else can make me feel how you do.
No one else can compare to loving you.
Leo Yankevich poet In Fear by Leo Yankevich Rookie
Something's at it again
in the hollow of my heart,
Haruna Garba poet Eyes On The Easier Way by Haruna Garba Freshman - 943 Points
In the first instant,
the feet asked horse to do him a favor,
mohammad ahmadizadeh poet The Sun by mohammad ahmadizadeh Bronze Star - 2,461 Points
I expect to rise a sun for me outside
Will I be aware I am a sun?
Haruna Garba poet The Flower Of Trends by Haruna Garba Freshman - 943 Points
Though the hands would be folded,
ears aren't pinned to the pillow forever
Rathna nagaraja poet The Peak by Rathna nagaraja Rookie - 63 Points
2. The Peak
For A Man without A Soul mate
Haruna Garba poet Cat's Paws by Haruna Garba Freshman - 943 Points
Unlike when it turns sour,
when smoothly it soars,
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