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A loaf of bread
I stay in a side, got something on hand,
I am starving here in nowhere's land,
Diplove gautam poet by Diplove gautam
on 4/11/2014
Ghazal-Yeh Kiska Intezar Hay
Khushi o gham ki dhoop chaon kitni khushgawar hay,
Kabhi theen unse ranjishen aur aaj kitna peyar hay.
Akhtar Jawad poet by Akhtar Jawad
on 4/11/2014
you are the reason of my being
I come to you
mina lotfi poet by mina lotfi
on 4/11/2014
Only Human
I want to grow this height
And mould this mind
Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu poet by Rubaba Mmahajia Rahma Sabtiu
on 4/11/2014
It Is Finished, It Is Done
Today at 12: 49 PM
Praise the Lord for God's dear Son
Gary James Smith poet by Gary James Smith
on 4/11/2014
seasons are so pleasing with their uniqueness
harmonizing like a flower and showers grace.
Diplove gautam poet by Diplove gautam
on 4/11/2014
The Kiss
The Kiss
It´s dripping from the heart to me your kiss, he slips into my pants.
Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson) poet by Floy Dy (Floyd) Ra (Floydson)
on 4/11/2014
I Wish For You
I wish to know every part of you.
I wish to feel every part of you.
Suraj Samtani poet by Suraj Samtani
on 4/11/2014
Cold Is My Confession
I felt the darkness creep cold beneath my breast
Trembling as it consumed me, crushing my light, my spirit
Leria Hawkins poet by Leria Hawkins
on 4/11/2014
Realizing his belly
was full of
Saiom Shriver poet by Saiom Shriver
on 4/11/2014
Dear Kristen
Always on another's shoulder
Smiles never meant for me
Paige Brimer poet by Paige Brimer
on 4/11/2014
A Morsel
you're no good
A drop of tear fell on his food
Pradip Chattopadhyay poet by Pradip Chattopadhyay
on 4/11/2014
Silly Boy
You're the only thing I can't write about.
There simply are no words
Paige Brimer poet by Paige Brimer
on 4/11/2014
Thinking of You
I keep thinking of you
Even in my dark moments my heart just keeps on thinking of you
Rohit Sapra poet by Rohit Sapra
on 4/11/2014
Mirage As The Prophet Witnesses.
Once in Western India through a desert country,
Vivekananda Swami had His pilgrimage,
Bazi alis Subrata Ray poet by Bazi alis Subrata Ray
on 4/11/2014
A Crow Complains Of His Bitter Voice
a crow's eyes fixed upon a skylark
and weeps as he hear her say
kanav justa poet by kanav justa
on 4/11/2014
There Lies Some Secret
There lies some secret, to tell it try
little heart of infant make it smile or cry
Ramdas Bhandarkar poet by Ramdas Bhandarkar
on 4/11/2014
Ignited Thoughts
Human being sees life as fancy
But life is nothing but a ticking clock
mohammed jafer poet by mohammed jafer
on 4/11/2014
Time and Place
Songs of birds, laughs of children
I always appreciate and adore.
Aftab Alam poet by Aftab Alam
on 4/11/2014
A Mothers Wish
A woman told her husband she wanted a divorce
She told him that it was because she didn't love him anymore
Melissa Furey poet by Melissa Furey
on 4/11/2014
The Night Of Lunar Eclipse
Walking miles and miles
when I reached there
Palas kumar Ray poet by Palas kumar Ray
on 4/11/2014
Love Is A Moon
Love is a moon.
Sometime a new moon
Palas kumar Ray poet by Palas kumar Ray
on 4/11/2014
Light engulf the light and so the life
Depending upon the brilliancy of them
Aftab Alam poet by Aftab Alam
on 4/11/2014
Read My Lips
See you looking with your looking auhhs
I bet you thinking you going get a pass
Marcquiese Burrell poet by Marcquiese Burrell
on 4/11/2014
Google Meal
Google ate the world, Google ate the world!
All its 1's and 0's swallowed the whole wide world.
Ulysses Bandi poet by Ulysses Bandi
on 4/11/2014
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