New Poems


Title Poet
In Lost Dreams
Sometimes at night I cry for you
I look to the midnight sky
Lilly Emery poet by Lilly Emery
on 7/22/2014
The Present
Clear and crisp, the night that hovered, seeped into my soul.
The distant glittering host descended, near and soft, and light.
Elizabeth Shield poet by Elizabeth Shield
on 7/22/2014
ears of the young,
why not hear the cry of the gone?
Atimiwoaye Adetunji dayo poet by Atimiwoaye Adetunji dayo
on 7/22/2014
I Wish
I wish you knew that I love you
That you're all I need in my life.
Poetry Love poet by Poetry Love
on 7/22/2014
You Say
You say
I'm your property
Leesaan Robertson poet by Leesaan Robertson
on 7/22/2014
Mr jekyll and Doctor hyde (advert for a uk building society)
'ladies and gentleman far and wide
i'm going to tell you a story
lee fones poet by lee fones
on 7/22/2014
Ghar sey chale toh the maikhane ko - Ghazal
Ghar se chale toh the maikhane ko
mil gaye sheikhji lage samjhane ko
Talab ... poet by Talab ...
on 7/22/2014
Two Thumbs Up And No Head Bowed
One deceived and betrayed on a daily basis,
Is not likely to forget...
Lawrence S. Pertillar poet by Lawrence S. Pertillar
on 7/22/2014
I Am A Temple
I am building a temple,
But it is not made of stones;
Elma Burke poet by Elma Burke
on 7/22/2014
Pull the trigger, shoot me as I run
From the phrases ricocheting from your mouth like a loaded gun
Monica Lanier poet by Monica Lanier
on 7/22/2014
- - - - - - -
on 7/22/2014
Babul ki Dua
Yun hi hansti raho muskurati raho,
Tum khizaon mein bhi gul khilati raho,
Akhtar Jawad poet by Akhtar Jawad
on 7/22/2014
The Greatest Dream
These books are chasing me in my dreams
Biting my brain bit by bit
Jyothirmai Uppu poet by Jyothirmai Uppu
on 7/22/2014
Borders, ' Phony Scandals' and Burgers
It is so painful to see,
This Country of Two Seas,
Sandra Feldman poet by Sandra Feldman
on 7/22/2014
Electric Love
Kiss me you fool!
Or I will surely die of loveless pride
Electric Lady poet by Electric Lady
on 7/22/2014
Psalm 065
You still
The roaring waves
Forrest Hainline poet by Forrest Hainline
on 7/22/2014
The Village that Wasn't There!
I went to stay with an old schoolmate
In the village of Rushing Brooke,
David Lewis Paget poet by David Lewis Paget
on 7/22/2014
start eating sushi now, wasabi warriors
i told my boys today
'someday you are going to learn japanese... you know why? '
Mandolyn ... poet by Mandolyn ...
on 7/22/2014
Radha, Radha, Radha, You Are My Radha
Radha, Radha, Radha,
A life without Radha,
Bijay Kant Dubey poet by Bijay Kant Dubey
on 7/22/2014
As the children of God we put our trust in the Lord
Our very lives testify to His divine power.
Tom Zart poet by Tom Zart
on 7/22/2014
थांनो लामा हो
गोगो दैसा मोनसे दैमुनिफ्राय बोहैबोदोँ बबेबा थांखिसिम गुबै दैसा महरै। हेँथा दाहो बिखौ हेँथा दाहो लामाया हगार गोसोयाब हांमा थागोन दुखु थागोन। बोहैनो लाम
Bahadur Basumatary poet by Bahadur Basumatary
on 7/22/2014
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