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Hasmukh Amathalal poet Ill Fate by Hasmukh Amathalal Gold Star - 189,822 Points
Ill fate
Love can be desire
Sumit Ganguly poet Fairy Fishes by Sumit Ganguly Gold Star - 5,830 Points
When you are out of fluid medium,
air burn your skin,
jovan lopez poet When We Hang Out. by jovan lopez Rookie - 313 Points
When we hang out
I want to go by your side
MOHAMMAD SKATI poet Those Absolute Dreams Anywhere And Everywhere - تلك الاحلا.. by MOHAMMAD SKATI Gold Star - 46,028 Points
تلعب علينا الاحلام المستحيلة
بطريقة ما
Sybilasia Sybilasia poet #1 -Life Chapters Of Love Unfolding; Who Am I by Sybilasia Sybilasia Rookie - 152 Points
Who am I?
This 'I' which is always present.
Edward Kofi Louis poet The Anguish Of Your Heart by Edward Kofi Louis Gold Star - 142,645 Points
The alarm of war! !
You have stabbed the hearts of many,
Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan poet An Arrow by Venkateswaran Krishnan Sreenivasan Freshman - 552 Points
Shoot an arrow into the air
It hits your target or falls elsewhere
Timothy Long poet Death by Timothy Long Freshman - 707 Points
deserving life more than death,
twisting in the grave,
Almedia Knight Oliver poet Invictus (Ilana Sabio) by Almedia Knight Oliver Freshman - 985 Points
Despite what happen, I push on
Breaking down all the solid walls
Christopher Tye poet A Lincolnshire Lad - East Barkwith Church Fête 2016 by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 4,555 Points
A Lincolnshire Lad - East Barkwith Church Fête 2016
It's fête time again at Saint Mary's Church,
Kurt Philip Behm poet Redemption Near by Kurt Philip Behm Gold Star - 4,872 Points
Did you waste your life,
just making money
John Carter Brown poet Eddie's Bike by John Carter Brown Freshman - 856 Points
Eddie had a motorbike
A Norton big and red,
John Carter Brown poet Two Biscuits by John Carter Brown Freshman - 856 Points
'Two biscuits and an orange
for my breakfast I must say
Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken poet Het Daglicht by Mario,Lucien,Rene Odekerken Gold Star - 7,164 Points
Het daglicht verdonkerd
en wordt zo de nacht
albert vynckier poet Discours & Tennis by albert vynckier Freshman - 572 Points
dans un discours, surtout politique ou qui s'évertue à convaincre, l'orateur peut être perfide voire vicieux. est-ce un supplément d'intelligence si ç
Donald R Wolff JR poet Still Water by Donald R Wolff JR Gold Star - 4,548 Points
Don't wait for still water to go dry
Never let ill feelings, wander
Paul Gerard Reed poet Quiet Places by Paul Gerard Reed Gold Star - 4,614 Points
In my garden
There are quiet places
Christopher Tye poet Hurdle by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 4,555 Points
Hampered by other's prejudices,
Kayanja Ronald Edwin poet Lost by Kayanja Ronald Edwin Veteran Poet - 1,159 Points
I stand before my reflection,
The other being unknown
Liilia Talts Morrison poet Calm Sea by Liilia Talts Morrison Silver Star - 3,744 Points
The sea is calm today I see
and few the people now
Christopher Tye poet Hungry by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 4,555 Points
How do we still have starving children,
Jackson Wings poet The Game by Jackson Wings Rookie - 490 Points
Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, No matter who or what you are your a gamer. Even if you don't admit that you are or you might not even know it. The game is lif
Christopher Tye poet Hunger by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 4,555 Points
Hunger for life,
WES Vogler poet (limerick) Let Me Explain If I Can - Poem By Wes Vogler by WES Vogler Gold Star - 43,430 Points
Why would I marry that ugly old man?
Well, let me explain if I can.
Christopher Tye poet Dreams by Christopher Tye Gold Star - 4,555 Points
Dreaming of a better world,
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