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Bijay Kant Dubey poet The Moon Over The Hills by Bijay Kant Dubey Bronze Star - 7,042 Points
The moon going
Over the hills,
0.00 0
Tristan McMillin poet Golf by Tristan McMillin Rookie - 0 Points
I walk on the course
with a great big smile on my face
0.00 0
Pijush Biswas poet Hungry Sea-friend by Pijush Biswas Freshman - 2,119 Points
One darkening dusk and I feel sore,
So I did return to the sea, my dear friend
0.00 0
Salsaabil sabre poet THE Stage is full by Salsaabil sabre Rookie - 82 Points
the sun is Laughing on the lap of cloud
the young boy is peeping through the small window
0.00 0
John Westlake poet 193. A Terrible Storm Is Brewing by John Westlake Gold Star - 15,145 Points
A terrible storm is brewing
deep within the heart and minds
0.00 0
Adebayo Caleb poet Conscience by Adebayo Caleb Rookie - 46 Points
He created the sea He created the moon He made the heavens For eyes to see. Hexadep of his glory Speak of his glory He knows my mind He sees my hea
0.00 0
dawood naeem poet the ruins of mount haden by dawood naeem Rookie - 7 Points
On a dark moonless night
When the stars shone bright
0.00 0
Kyle Schlicher poet Dream #16 by Kyle Schlicher Bronze Star - 2,882 Points
we must wear the glove
we have chosen to fit us
0.00 0
Lora Colon poet He Was My Life by Lora Colon Bronze Star - 2,729 Points
He was my life, he was a thousand stars
That came to fill my empty sky,
0.00 0
Kyle Schlicher poet Dream #15 by Kyle Schlicher Bronze Star - 2,882 Points
cloak yourself
if it so helps
0.00 0
Randy McClave poet Crossing A Picket Line by Randy McClave Freshman - 953 Points
Any person that crosses over a picket line
That action by them it will soon define
0.00 0
Kyle Schlicher poet Dream #14 by Kyle Schlicher Bronze Star - 2,882 Points
the spawn of evil
is the sum of the greater two parts.
0.00 0
anonymous anonymous poet Mirror by anonymous anonymous Rookie - 0 Points
Mirror mirror that reflects me back
What is my problem, I see only the lack
0.00 0
Omar Khayyam poet The Shears of Fate by Omar Khayyam
Khayyam, who stitched the tents of science,
Has fallen in grief's furnace and been suddenly burned,
0.00 0
Madathil Nair poet My First Love Letter by Madathil Nair Freshman - 1,108 Points
It was when I was just in class three
Hovering around the tenth year of age
8.33 7
Naveed Akram poet In The Deluge by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 3,385 Points
The rate of the opinions was great so then
There was peace, along the borders and shires,
0.00 0
Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. poet Our own choices. by Gangadharan nair Pulingat.. Gold Star - 21,256 Points
Between the sky and clouds in heights
Where they eagerly looks to the world
0.00 0
Stephen Brian Brady poet The Earth rises by Stephen Brian Brady Rookie - 188 Points
the watchman
0.00 0
Naveed Akram poet One Anger by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 3,385 Points
The men of the beings are greater than snow,
That falls onwards and outwards like the blizzards.
0.00 0
Naveed Khalid poet Dante's Inferno by Naveed Khalid Bronze Star - 2,181 Points
Thus, this world so off-hand to my sightless view,
of raptures wild in lurking limbo,
0.00 0
Samya Bose poet Remnants Of Life by Samya Bose Rookie - 178 Points
Lonesome in the vibrant room,
Staring at the wall;
0.00 0
Madhav Sarkunde poet Song Birds of My Dream by Madhav Sarkunde Rookie - 48 Points
The song birds
Of my dreams
0.00 1
Naveed Akram poet Power Wins by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 3,385 Points
Power within shall win in the end as it is shallower
Than the powers that be, winning is the ultimate deed.
0.00 0
Leonidas of Tarentum poet Fortune's Favour by Leonidas of Tarentum
They say that I am small and frail,
And cannot live in stormy seas;
0.00 0
Naveed Akram poet A Sky Of Beauty by Naveed Akram Veteran Poet - 3,385 Points
To your imagination a sky will bloom,
Worlds collide, as a call is made to
0.00 0
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