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Gerard Woods poet Hair From My Head by Gerard Woods Rookie - 0 Points
I pulled a hair from my head it wasn't alive nor was it dead
it was just one less hair upon my head.
PAUL WARREN poet The Day Elvis Died by PAUL WARREN Veteran Poet - 1,505 Points
On August 16,1977 I was in bed listening to the radio music play
I had been on afternoon shift which meant a longer bed stay
Satish Verma poet Long-Feared Night by Satish Verma Veteran Poet - 1,863 Points
Eyes half-shut, you are seeing,
unseeing to house the failing light.
Latha Krishnan poet Ramadan Evenings by Latha Krishnan Rookie - 82 Points
There’s a hush all around
There’s hardly any sound
Albert Ahearn poet The Flood by Albert Ahearn Rookie - 367 Points
Inundating, binging,
the muddy, bulimic river
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Deadly Guest by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 738 Points
You sit in the center of your web,
Well fed, sure of your supremacy,
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Lunar Trinity by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 738 Points
In another land I stand alone
At the edge of an endless sea.
Suzanne Hayasaki poet Country Lullaby by Suzanne Hayasaki Freshman - 738 Points
As I set off on a walk with my dog at dusk,
The clatter of her claws on the pavement sets a rhythm.
Margaret O Driscoll poet Don'T Hold Back by Margaret O Driscoll Bronze Star - 2,742 Points
Life isn't a walk in the park
You may live through times of dark
Rohit Sapra poet Presence Is To Remain by Rohit Sapra Gold Star - 5,060 Points
Thoughts create a place in the heart as thoughts are all that surround life. Numerous thoughts, which are endless in their strength as truth never fad
Joe Davis poet Heaven On Earth by Joe Davis Rookie - 253 Points
What a world-Heaven on Earth
Such arrogance, what's Heaven worth
ramesh rai poet Mute Ocean by ramesh rai Gold Star - 15,344 Points
The ocean is mute today
there is no ripple, no Wave
Billy Henderson poet Fartin' My Way Up To Jesus by Billy Henderson Rookie - 21 Points
1. It’s only just gone seven year,
When all were full of festive cheer,
Joe Davis poet Conscience Condemned... by Joe Davis Rookie - 253 Points
Can you see me
Would you even know
Joe Davis poet In The Nothing... by Joe Davis Rookie - 253 Points
Buried under this weight of despair
Still feel I'm alive, but where
David Lewis Paget poet The End Of The Grange by David Lewis Paget Bronze Star - 2,199 Points
There isn’t much left of The Grange today,
There isn’t much left at all,
Anu Shraddha poet Vapors In The Sky by Anu Shraddha Bronze Star - 2,528 Points
Miasma appears magically
on the blue canvas of the sky
Saatvik Chaudhari poet A Broken Promise by Saatvik Chaudhari Rookie - 0 Points
You told me you’d never leave me,
You told me you’d never go away.
vince gullaci poet Blue Notes by vince gullaci Rookie - 270 Points
Where to
from here?
Joecel Joy Jayme poet Make A Change by Joecel Joy Jayme Rookie - 317 Points
As I wander my surroundings
I see lot's of things,
Asit Kumar Sanyal poet Economics by Asit Kumar Sanyal Silver Star - 3,888 Points
The financial management of a country
Is simillar to a pumping station.
Uma Ram poet The Other Side Is Always Greener… by Uma Ram Silver Star - 3,992 Points
The blanched,
Bask under sun
Paul Amrod poet The Exaltation Of Transcendence by Paul Amrod Veteran Poet - 1,326 Points
Intensifying the torrent of an augmenting emotion
the assemblage precipitates an entourage of recognition
Paul Amrod poet The Tears Of Pierrot Fall by Paul Amrod Veteran Poet - 1,326 Points
The tears of Pierrot fall upon a crescent moon
And all the sparrows wonder why it’s raining in the moonlight
Adeosun Olamide poet A Task By Thee by Adeosun Olamide Veteran Poet - 1,997 Points
Tis night,
Path- greats came through
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