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  • 217.
    I Love Time Out With Nature

    I love time out with Nature and I love peace and quiet
    To walk along the gravel path in the evening sunlight
    When the wild birds are singing and Spring is in her prime
    And even memories of such inspire the soul to rhyme.

    I love time out with Nature a brief release from care
    For Nature she is generous her gifts with all she share
    We drink of her clear spring waters and we breathe in her life sustaining air
    And Nature's splendid beauty is around us everywhere.

    I love time out with Nature the only God I know
    Her stream from the high country down to the river flow
    The skylark from the rank grass in the mood for song he fly
    One of Nature's feathered minstrels he carols in the sky.

    In time out with Mother Nature from life's cares I find ease
    The sounds of the leaves rustling in the freshening evening breeze
    And we much like the Seasons to life we come and go
    But Nature lives forever the only God I know. read more »

  • 218.
    Striking strength of nature.

    The uproars and alert noises
    The tidal waves is highest ever
    Moving fast to seashores
    Destructing the houses there read more »

  • 219.
    Not Good

    Not good to comment,
    Not good to comment on anybody,
    Considering your own duty. read more »

  • 220.

    Landscape is a much talked subject and concern
    It is a job for specialists for beautification
    Of premises, grounds, and important places of tourism
    Landscape forming gets much importance today read more »

  • 221.
    Nature's Friends

    Their protests loggers and sawmillers don't please
    But to those noble souls who fight to save the trees
    One well might say respect is overdue
    On Nature's behalf such great work they do read more »

  • 222.
    Mother Nature She Rules

    For her actions Mother Nature is above any blame
    Since she always treats life and death as the same
    The dead of the World in her bosom lay
    And she goes on living and night follows day. read more »

  • 223.
    On Birds With Diseased Feet

    Of late I've seen birds such as magpie larks, gulls and magpies
    On the ocean foreshore or Nature strip of the street
    With only stumps where their legs should be
    Or walking lame with very sore feet. read more »

  • 224.

    comprendre, apprécier et étudier,
    la nature en est une,
    une réalité véridique des mots inexpliqués,
    une composition des phrases analysées, read more »

  • 225.
    Love The Nature

    Love the nature every way,
    see new cretures every day.
    Every month the seasno change.
    Every day the weather change. read more »

  • 226.

    You don't see the pain,
    But then again you was never looking,
    Letting me drown,
    Yet you say I'm to blame. read more »

  • 227.
    A Greed For All Golden Eggs!

    Furious attacks by Nature as earthquakes and storms,
    Heart breaking scenes, are horrible imprints in mind!
    Why is Nature so harsh to mankind remaining calm long? read more »

  • 228.
    In The Vastness Of Nature

    One never is short of things on which to write
    Like butterflies flitting in the bright sunlight
    Or the pleasant aroma of the blossoming trees
    That wafts in the air of the freshening breeze. read more »

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