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Pray, Mother Nature - Poem by Ashlee Anne

Do not disturb the peaceful sleep,
the earth so still, beneath our feet.
Skipping and running, barefoot through the trees,
everything, everything, everything we'll see.

Spinning and spinning and spinning around.
Falling and falling, we fall to the ground.
Deny me no rest, deny me no sound.
Peace in existance, sweet herb, have we found?

Pray, 'Mother Nature, sing me to sleep,
hold me and peace,
all through my dreams.'
Sing, 'Mother Nature, rain down on me,
hold me and peace,
all through my dreams.'
Be Mother Nature, singing the sleep,
holding the peace,
all throughout dreams.
Be Mother Nature, raining through weeds,
holding in peace,
all throughout dreams.

Hello Mother Nature, a beautiful flower,
the clouds from above us, the rain as it showers,
the ground far beneath it, lush, it prospers.
Sun in the sky, bring light, please shine.

Pray, Mother Nature, not God, as you see.
The Lord, not our savior, rather ourselves are to be,
the only thing ever to hold us in peace.
Pray, Mother Nature, sing me to sleep.

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