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  • 313.
    A spy -new-

    The shadows are for spies
    Their ghostly entrance unknown
    Arousing no suspicion
    With their kindly gestures
    The secret narrative in their hearts
    Stays immersed in darkness
    Swallowed by the mission ahead
    With its delicate paths
    Submerged in secrecy
    The art of ghosts
    Unexposed by light
    Fortified by the ancient oath
    The secretive oath of spies
    “Reveal no secrets and die a spy” read more »

  • 314.
    Glancing Back at Never

    I recognized signs. Green skies and still air.
    You stopped saying I love you before I went to bed, just before I left you to do whatever you did while I slept.
    But I was surprised when the tornado touched. It so long hovered above us.
    The last time it twisted through our home, you, your lover and our money swirling through the air as you grabbed all you could, and tossed me outside to fly and fall to a hard landing. read more »

  • 315.
    The picture of the Night- Narrative

    As the giving sun sets
    Beyond the rising peaks
    Night takes its shape
    Stars & Moon become the giver read more »

  • 316.

    spectacle was fleeting,
    moments shadowed our narrative, read more »

  • 317.
    Semester's Delight

    Tests, exams, quizzes, assessments!
    Such a delightful, tasty little thing.
    Essays, papers, problems, textbooks;
    Such sweet treats are fit for a king. read more »

  • 318.
    I once knew a girl

    And her book of poems lulled her to sleep.
    The whining, whimpering narratives of nature
    and love.
    That is not life, she knew, and you do too - read more »

  • 319.
    The Question! ?

    In many a narrated tragic love story,
    we are told often, that when the Man learned that his place was now taken by another Man,
    in that part of the story, He dies. read more »

  • 320.

    The water is blackish, green, and dark.
    It gathers from its separated state, gathers from rain, gathers into stream.
    It gathers in the mountain.
    It gathers then travels, collects to become brackish. read more »

  • 321.
    Dance of Life

    It began with a dance
    Unbounded in freedom
    Far away from self immersion
    With elements of mystery read more »

  • 322.
    Living In Paradise

    In my current state of mind I'm living in paradise
    There is nothing you can do to make me feel otherwise

    I see the beauty in my poet friend's souls read more »

  • 323.
    If You Need a Poet Laureate

    If you want a ballad
    On a tragic conflict
    Of important people,
    With a little magic, read more »

  • 324.

    Birds fly across the pale blue sky
    cross-stitching a matrix in Pali—

    a tongue now beautifully classical
    like temple-toned Bharatanatyam. read more »

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