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Poems About: NARRATIVE

In this page, poems on / about “narrative” are listed.

  • 229.
    kara mustafa

    Retreating from the gates of Wien,
    capital of empire holy, Roman,
    Kara Mustafa next was seen
    in Belgrade. Like a woman read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 230.
    To C.C.C.

    Oh for the nights when we used to sit
    In the firelight's glow or flicker,
    With the gas turned low and our pipes all lit, read more »

    Robert Fuller Murray
  • 231.
    On the way to Uniondale

    One stormy Easter weekend
    while I was driving on route sixty-two,
    I found a beautiful girl
    next to the road read more »

    Gert Strydom
  • 232.
    Decorated silence

    Decorated Silence

    the trail of smoke pronounced my name
    hesitant to leave....... read more »

    prasanna kumari
  • 233.
    rajku capers

    (the series is an experiment in various forms of short verse or micro-verse; the parts may be read as discreet units or as a sequence with one’s own narrative) read more »

    Raj Arumugam
  • 234.

    Birds fly across the pale blue sky
    cross-stitching a matrix in Pali—

    a tongue now beautifully classical
    like temple-toned Bharatanatyam. read more »

    Sudeep Sen
  • 235.
    The Terracotta Temple

    The terracotta temple, the small-small temples,
    Standing as historical heritage and legacy,
    Which you know not, I know not,
    But there is history hidden in them, read more »

    Bijay Kant Dubey
  • 236.
    A Woman's Power

    read more »

    Tony Cucuzella
  • 237.
    A Day in Her Shadowy Life for the New Pope

    A Tanka Prose for the New Pope

    Earlier this morning, hundreds of thousands flooded St. Peter's Square, forming crescent-moon crowds around giant video screens. Basking in an emotional send-off at his final general audience, the pope stressed, 'Loving the church also means having the courage to take difficult and anguished choices, ...' read more »

    Chenou Liu
  • 238.
    A poem like letter to my faraway friend Pranab Chakraborty!

    *[The films are a 'coming of age' narrative in the vein of a bildungsroman, describing the childhood, education and early maturity of a young Bengali named Apu (Apurba Kumar Roy) in the early part of the 20th century. The first film Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road) is about Apu's early experiences in rural Bengal, as the son of a poor but high caste family. His father Harihar, a Brahmin, has difficulty in supporting his family. After the death of Apu's sister, Durga, the family moves to the holy city of Benares.
    In the second film Aparajito (The Unvanquished) , the family's finances are still precarious. After his father dies there, Apu and his mother Sarbajaya come back to a village in Bengal. Despite incessant poverty, Apu manages to get formal schooling and turns out to be a brilliant student. The growing Apu comes into conflict with his mother. Later, when his mother dies too, he has to learn to live alone.
    In the third film Apur Sansar (The World of Apu) , attempting to become a writer, Apu accidentally finds himself pressured to marry a girl who has rejected her mentally ill bridegroom. Their blossoming marriage ends in her death in childbirth, after which the despairing Apu abandons his child, but eventually returns to accept his responsibilities.]-Wikipedia read more »

    nimal dunuhinga
  • 239.
    Not About This

    It is not about the classic rivers
    of mythology, not about Acheron,
    river of woe with its lines of unemployed
    holding their migraines in their hands. read more »

    Michael Gessner
  • 240.
    You Can Go Now

    Time — what is it,
    this vast father of all concepts
    luring its children into
    preoccupation with the past? read more »

    Dick Holmes
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