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Poems About: NARRATIVE

In this page, poems on / about “narrative” are listed.

  • 13.
    The Definition Of Poetry

    Poetry scholastic, pedantic and medievalistic,
    Poetry classical and theological,
    Poetry metaphysical, moralistic and spiritual,
    Poetry romantic, spontaneous, natural, imaginative, lyrical, fanciful and loveful, read more »

    Bijay Kant Dubey
  • 14.
    something is wrong

    something is wrong
    but i don't know what.
    with in my life
    with in my way's. read more »

    adil khan
  • 15.
    The Stories

    The stories
    Night bed its mats
    And also we are
    Wait and see read more »

    Mohammed AlBalushi
  • 16.
    Living In Paradise

    In my current state of mind I’m living in paradise
    There is nothing you can do to make me feel otherwise

    I see the beauty in my poet friend’s souls read more »

    Lento Maez
  • 17.
    I once knew a girl

    And her book of poems lulled her to sleep.
    The whining, whimpering narratives of nature
    and love.
    That is not life, she knew, and you do too - read more »

    bill nye the science guy
  • 18.
    To a Wasted Life

    Here is to the end, a place we must all go.
    To the long narrative that went on and on
    and now is gone. read more »

    David Blake
  • 19.
    I Drown In Words

    I drown in words
    Because I cannot swim
    In very long poems. read more »

    Cynthia BuhainBaello
  • 20.

    words in rhythem
    telling a story
    or just being written
    Lyrics poems read more »

    Khai Ramsey
  • 21.

    It's not that images are powerful
    but that consciousness -
    already cursed by narrative - is weak:
    everybody watches, mimics. read more »

    Anthony Weir
  • 22.
    The Poems Bring Me Back To Myself


    The poems bring me back to myself
    I begin to live again – read more »

    Shalom Freedman
  • 23.
    That long silence

    After that long silence
    Into the artifice of blank presence
    A mute, solitary part of amputated being, consumed by time
    A soulless substance get going with abstract phantom read more »

    Moushumi moushumi
  • 24.
    The Letter (iii)

    Even the leather writing
    case’s hinges are shot:
    the strips
    of hide read more »

    Jacqui Thewless
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