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Poems About: MURDER

In this page, poems on / about “murder” are listed.

  • 313.
    On The Beijing Olympics

    The Chinese Government never should have got the Olympic Games their culture to celebrate
    News of crimes against humanity filtering out of Tibet of late
    The Chinese Government ordered their troops against unarmed demonstrators with the orders of shoot to kill
    As human rights go nothing has changed in China and suppose it never will. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 314.
    the chopped women

    now i need not blame the culprit
    of this chopping incident: the head thrown from a cliff
    rolling down
    the deep part of the river below read more »

  • 315.
    When an Ego Explodes

    The Sun,
    Its rays reach to her
    Through the window
    Lighting her beauty read more »

    mark king
  • 316.
    Unconditional Silver Piece of Dawn (By Mimi C. Mata)

    I murdered a thousand demons
    In the heart of a man,
    And his waters fought my reflection; read more »

    Mimi Mata
  • 317.
    The Murder of Hope

    Step on it good and hard,
    make sure it is dead.
    Hope under heel,
    grinding into powder. read more »

    Brian Hinckley
  • 318.

    He died upon the cross tonight,
    As God reclaimed his mortal son
    The world around was stripped of light. read more »

    Daniel Brady
  • 319.
    The Criminally Inclined

    Men murdered Thomas More and Oscar Romero and Jesus of Nazareth crucified
    And many good people through history at the hands of their own kind have died
    Of the criminally inclined good people become targets and remain as targest today
    They never did warrant bad karma but that's life as some are known to say read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 320.

    I can smell the raw tangy scent
    of will drying in my hand
    I see the shape of dreams
    Escaping the bowels of the fields read more »

    Cheryl L. DaytecYañgot
  • 321.
    A Sad Poem

    With her pretty blue dress
    and her big pretty bow
    a little girl waited for her mom
    who didn't show read more »

    Shaina Lloyd
  • 322.

    The sun is calling out your name from a million miles away
    It’s an everyday feeling that you share with everyone
    Didn’t you see it on T.V. (our species may die today) ?
    How big is a problem when it’s seen from outer space? read more »

    Wicked Mike
  • 323.
    The Absolute Perfect Murder

    if you seek execution
    of the absolute perfect murder - rural or city
    it shall not be accomplished by flawless plans,
    in the hunt of stealth activity read more »

    Trunami ...
  • 324.
    Murdered Malaysian Mistress

    I wish there were no truth to this
    I wish that life were only bliss
    I wish that she were still alive
    Given a chance to thrive read more »

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