In this page, poems on / about “mother” are listed.

  • 373.
    Mcgin Sonata

    Mother dearest
    You live inside of my heart
    And inside my heart I made a special place, just for you
    So that you could live inside of my heart and be left in peace read more »

  • 374.

    I was born in pakistan
    But in the back sit of the taxi my mother was sitting while the cab driver Was driving my mother to the hospital
    But due to heavy traffic in the road and at the same time bumper to Bumper
    My mother water broke and my mother screamed to the taxi driver in Hindu stop the cab I am about to give birth read more »

  • 375.
    Appointed By Him... Still

    too young,
    mother surrogate
    but beautiful she child
    and read more »

New Mother Poems

  1. Mother's Day, Jenn Toner
  2. Mother Mother Mother..............! ! !, Arafat Driche
  3. Mother. Mother., beresford mitchell
  4. Is mother universal, Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  5. I am Gaza, 'Mother of all Prisons', Md. Asadullah
  6. Mother Of Us All, ANIL KARKI
  7. My mother my moon, gajanan mishra
  8. Mother Is Supreme, Seinu Abdulgafar
  9. MOTHER, aabha mohan
  10. Blessing of mother, gajanan mishra
  11. Mother and mother, gajanan mishra
  12. More than everything else, ABHIPSA TRIPATHY
  13. Mother, Mother Nurol Amin
  14. Like Mother, Like Daughter -# 2, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  15. Mother means, gajanan mishra
  16. My Mother, I Find Her Not, O God!, Bijay Kant Dubey
  17. Mother, My Mother, Good Mother, Mother, .., Bijay Kant Dubey
  18. On Mother's Day, Bijay Kant Dubey
  19. Mother, Amitava Sur
  20. The Saint Mother, Akhtar Jawad
  21. Mother knows every technique, gajanan mishra
  22. Love, compassion, and mother, gajanan mishra
  23. Mother, let me free, gajanan mishra
  24. Mother, Mother First, gajanan mishra
  25. Mother, palak bubna
  26. Birth, Dilantha Gunawardana
  27. For Ashraful, Palas Kumar Ray
  28. Man vs Nature, V P Mahur
  29. The Mother, MOHAMMAD SKATI
  30. Cherished Mother, V P Mahur
  31. Oh! My Mother, Parul Naveen
  32. Our India, Umasree Raghunath
  33. 8 lies of a mother, kate innocent
  34. My Mother, Aanuoluwa Adebanjo
  35. Mother of All, A Dark Lifetime ...
  36. I Pray For You, YAKUBU GIWA
  37. Mother Mother Mother earth, gajanan mishra
  38. Mother Dearest One Last Lullaby, Cassidy Fohs
  39. Mother Mother Mother..............! ! !, Nomula Avinash
  40. Constant affection, gajanan mishra
  41. I don't want to leave, Custous Angelus
  42. My Mother, Leah Bonnett
  43. Mother, Kimoni White
  44. A Mother, Natasha Caroline Norville
  45. Ocean Of Milk, gajanan mishra
  46. My Mother, Saffan Asif
  47. My mother is, gajanan mishra
  48. What Is A Home Like, gajanan mishra
  49. A Mother's Lap, Raj Rajesh
  50. Left Alone In Ocean Of Catastophes, Themba PoetSphe Zondo
  51. Prayer of Navratri, S.D. TIWARI
  53. Mother is coming, gajanan mishra
  54. Mother, mother, sweet mother, gajanan mishra
  55. Ma, Asif Andalib
  56. Mother, Ted Carlson
  57. See me, I am not born, gajanan mishra
  58. A Bedtime Story, Paul Vincent Shimizu
  59. Caged Chicks, Sushil Kumar Tripathy
  60. Mother's Lullaby, Eli Medina
  61. O mother, my mothers, gajanan mishra
  62. I am the second son, gajanan mishra
  63. My Mother, Sanket Mohapatra
  64. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Mother, sheena blackhall
  65. Mother, Tejas raj
  66. Mother, my mother, mother earth, gajanan mishra
  67. Mother, Gbeti gaius Kafui
  68. My mother-my light, gajanan mishra
  69. Mother, Sofia May
  70. MOTHER EARTH'S FREQUENCY, Christina C Sunrise
  71. Mother of power, Abdul Wahab
  72. Mother, josephine lee
  73. My Perfect Mother Dearest, Suicidal Happiness
  74. My Mother My Divine Power, gajanan mishra
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