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A Large Golden Moon - Poem by Gert Strydom

(in answer to Riana maiden name Marais (Strydom) Kruger)

A large golden moon hangs
above the row of jacarandas in the avenue
and when I see it, it is so near
that it feels as if I can get pieces of it

and now your promises comes back to me
that you will stay at my side
even though weeks, months and years go by
but without you the moon keeps turning in its orbit
and promises of love that last eternally
I can now forever forget

just as the heat of your heart and body
as for me nothing is written in the planets
and I can find no promises in the stars
when the branches of the trees move around in the wind
and it seems as if the stars are jumping
but still I do wonder what the new day is gong to bring

and even if I could discover the most heartfelt secrets of the moon
it would not bring you closer to me.


“Full moon by Riana maiden name Marais (Strydom) Kruger” (My own translation)

“A Golden and silver moon
.hangs on a karee branch in my avenue.
When I look through the window
I can almost reach to it.
I can almost touch it,
almost, almost catch it.”

“Long ago you did promise
that you would bring me
the sun and moon and stars.
What is written in the planets tonight…
longing for the heat of your body? ”


“If I could attach the moon
to a chain around my neck
then forever I would be able to discover its secrets,
would be able to hold it against my heart
and I would be able to fold my empty arms around it.”

“Like lost promises
the silver rays fall into a water puddle.
The man in the moon is only a dream
that sometimes fills my days and nights of grief.”

“Just a dream, just a dream.”

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