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There Has To Be An Easier Way To Earn My Bleeding Bread. - Poem by Beautiful Lie

Is this why we have come on to this Earth,
To try to make ends meet,
Try to make a living,
I'm just tired of working, just to make enough money,
There has to be an easier way, just to earn my bread,
Stealing and looting is not the right way,
But there has to be an easier way,
Working all afternoons, all weekends and holidays,
I'm just tired, there has to be an easier way,
Selling drugs and dodgy gear is not the right way,
There has to be an easier way, just to earn my bread,
All i think about is money, how to pay all my bills and debt,
There has to be an easier way, just to earn my bleeding bread,
How i wish my life was simpler, no gadgets, no gimmicks, no waste,
I'm just tired of avoiding calls, just plain tired of talking about money,
I'm just tired of opening my letters, tired of opening my bills.
There has to be an easier way, just to earn my bread,
I have no social life, all my friends think I'm greedy, how i wish i had an option, to free myself from my misery,
I wish i had a simple job, where i would make enough money,
to earn my bread and just enough to keep me alive and kicking,
I'm not greedy, all i want is just to be free,
Free from my debts, free from this living hell,
I'm about to lose my house, my own shop, my own town,
All i want is to be care free,
Not worry about money, not worry about my electric bill,
All i want is to be carefree, not worry about my broadband bill,
All i want is to be carefree,
All the money i earn goes straight to-wards my debt,
I'm just plain fed up and depressed to death,
There has to be an easier way, just to earn my bread.
waking everyday, hoping that maybe today,
I, ll make enough money, to free myself from this misery,
My own mother is miles away, my own father is slowing fading away,
My own little sister is ill, my own-self is miffed,
My own brother is skipping school, no one to tell him to goto school,
There has to be an easier way, to live a life and stay sane,
suicide, is definitely not the way,
Asking myself what is the way, where is God and his ways,
What is love, what is life, who are friends, who is right,
where is Lord and his ways?
Where is God and his light?
I'm in desperate need, where are my friends, my so called friends and relatives?
I keep telling myself, everything will be better,
Putting aside my misery, with pain might come some gain,
But so far, it's been pain, no gain, just plain pain.
There has to be an easier way to relieve myself from this shame, to earn myself my bread and butter, to earn myself a name and lover.

Comments about There Has To Be An Easier Way To Earn My Bleeding Bread. by Beautiful Lie

  • Rookie - 184 Points Brian Jani (7/4/2014 6:01:00 AM)

    Life is a realy tough reality.we all have to work, nice poem which speaks the truth (Report) Reply

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