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In God We Trust On Money? That's Funny! - Poem by Luke Easter

Many people are involved in a so-called monetary unjust,
With a hoop and a holler, turning a minor into a major fuss,
So, the newest one dollar coin is missing, “In God We Trust, ”
They’re calling the absent phrase a religious and political bust.

Hey, an email and the sender is extremely upset about the lack,
No, “In God We Trust” to the post office she wants to give it back,
A lot of families are hard hit as news programs document the lack,
But when cameras get close we see cigarettes and plenty of Jack.

The respect and use of any countries money has never changed,
Shekel, Denari, Peso, Yen, even solid gold, what’s in a name?
May in church circles will not even bother to pay their 10% tithes,
On that note, does it really matter and if so please elaborate why?

It’s not how much you have but what is done with it that counts,
The old woman put in two copper mites yet it was a greater amount,
Than those who gave plenty more out of their abundant wealth,
And no matter how much money you have it still can’t buy health.

“Silver & gold have I not but in the name of Jesus stand up & walk, ”
Oh yeah, “In God We Trust” was not on currency but in his talk,
Remember the phrase that, “a fool and money his soon will part, ”
Any amount is useless unless it’s written upon the spender’s heart.

Peter fetched a shekel from the mouth of a fish for taxes to pay,
What phrase and whose picture was on money back in the day?
The very best way to deal is by none other than barter and trade,
It is the one and only way to get out the exact amount you paid.

Undercover hit men are hired to kill a spouse yet they wind up in jail,
Rapists and drunks are released on insignificant amounts of bail,
Committing their crimes again, any one have a similar story to tell?
How many people carry money but still lie, cheat and raise hell?

And here’s the strangest situation, I just have to tell you this one,
A minister wanted to use “In God We Trust” money to buy a gun,
Not for the purpose of home protection they already had a target,
Funny! Murder on the mind from a perched position in the pulpit.

Okay! This helps to explain why there is a certain type of attrition,
Bullet manufacturers work 24/7, there’s a shortage of ammunition,
Not enough “In God We Trust” for lunch programs or Head Start,
However, way more than enough to brutally rip each other apart.

Yes, many people see this inscription as being a fresh new start,
“They honor Me with their lips but despise Me with their heart, ”
If “In God We Trust” on money was all that needed to be done,
Then God would never have needed to sacrifice His only Son.

'In God We Trust' was actually passed Into law only as a motto,
Good to know because this makes it even more shallow & hollow,
Teddy Roosevelt said sacrilegious, Supreme Court Would not relent,
So it's, 'lost through rote repetition any significant religious content.'

A very slick imposter hustler slides into ACORN seeking money,
With a hidden camera and his equally fake hooker looking honey,
Just to be sure there was no misunderstanding or optical illusion,
Staff told how to hide “In God We Trust” made from prostitution.

Assuredly, just as sure as Thursday follows Wednesday & without fail,
Before helping another in serious need some woman will do her nails,
And, certainly a priority will arise however if it is not one of their own,
Most people will first tip the driver who brings fried rice to their home.

As many are screaming for assistance their sounds fall on deaf ears,
Closest family and friends are more apt to buy fried chicken and beer,
Without a doubt everyone knows someone who’s in severe dire need,
Just make sure it’s for essentials, not cocaine, heroin, wine or weed.

By the way, it was all just an error on some, a simple mistake,
However, those coins are selling for $50 so they can’t be fake,
Dig this, without the inscription they’re worth a whole lot more,
And so the fact that they have more value might make Him sore.

Today’s currency is used for less good and way too much harm,
Drugs, sex, the black market, fraudulent claims and illegal arms,
The new dollar coin in missing, “In God We Trust” that is so funny,
Think God wants His name on anybody's uncircumcised money?

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