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Poems About: MOM

In this page, poems on / about “mom” are listed.

  • 337.
    True Love

    one day i traveled to my past
    thinking to find True,
    what is true? i tried-
    to find what is it? read more »

    Karma Bhoomi
  • 338.
    I Love My Mom

    I love my mom, she gives so much
    I long to feel her gentle touch.
    She helps me grow, she helps me learn
    I see her love at every turn. read more »

    Robert Keller
  • 339.
    Free To Do As I Please

    Packing my red cowboy hat, going to
    visit my sister, the rose-coloured satin
    spread for mother's bed and the soft
    pink fleece also, honey and chocolates read more »

    Margaret Alice Second
  • 340.
    MY Mom in my Life

    MY Mom in my Life

    Mom was there to take away the pain,
    Mom brought me sunshine to wipe away the tears of rain! read more »

    sharon kubeck
  • 341.
    A Better Place

    'Daddy, where's mom? Where did she go?
    I need her here today.
    I miss her lots, she has to know,
    That everything's okay.' read more »

    Steven Rodgers
  • 342.
    This One Meal

    This one meal mom just made
    All this food she prepared
    I remembered
    Mom and I had a deal read more »

    Klaudia Kuczynska
  • 343.
    My Heroine Mom!

    Yes! She is my heroine mom
    She is my heroine mom.

    Who led me through the right path read more »

  • 344.
    I Need To Live

    Since the day I was conceived,
    I felt great to join this world,
    I was busy counting the days to come,
    at least to see the face of you mom, read more »

    Grace Pantaleo
  • 345.

    Walking back from court down to the cells
    I talked to Mrs. Tucker she had a lot to tell.
    She told me to forgive my mom for
    not forgiving her is like a rock weighing me down so read more »

    Suzanna Chevalier
  • 346.
    Moving On

    I had a purpose here on earth
    Having other people make decisions for me started even before my mom gave birth
    Having money and respect taught me how to live in vain
    When you killed my mom I felt alone read more »

    jeanette thompson
  • 347.
    Welcome Sir

    Kwaah...Kwaah..., No one to notice me
    From inside my mom's belly
    Angrily I kicked and kicked and kicked
    Aaah! mom got pained and pained read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 348.
    OFCOURSE MOM YOU CAN DO............

    A mother has so many things to do
    from washing, ironing, cleaning and tying a shoe
    she scrubs she mends she cooks and sews
    she can reapir anything and make it new read more »

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