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Poems About: MOM

In this page, poems on / about “mom” are listed.

  • 325.

    Walking back from court down to the cells
    I talked to Mrs. Tucker she had a lot to tell.
    She told me to forgive my mom for
    not forgiving her is like a rock weighing me down so read more »

    Suzanna C Chevalier
  • 326.
    MY Mom in my Life

    MY Mom in my Life

    Mom was there to take away the pain,
    Mom brought me sunshine to wipe away the tears of rain! read more »

    sharon kubeck
  • 327.
    Alankar(Decor) -97

    Mother And Babe-(Tritina)
    Tritina is-
    Three tercets and one last line. Choose three words and
    these words will be the last word at the end of the read more »

    Indira Renganathan
  • 328.
    On Your Birthday, Mom

    When my heart is sad, Mom,
    I need only to feel your loving arms around me
    To make everything alright again. read more »

    Lozaan Khumbah
  • 329.
    Happy Birthday Mama!

    Sshhhh! Whisper your age mama!
    Ooooh! Mom is aging.
    The grey of your hair cant lie. read more »

    fate mcfate
  • 330.
    naemyeon-ui neukkim 03

    biinganjeog-in gulboghaji
    Prithaui adeul o
    geugeos-eun dangsin-idoeji anhseubnida
    i giji huimihan - ma-eum-eul tteolchyeogwa balsaeng read more »

    Ahmad Shiddiqi
  • 331.
    PRINCE of my Heart

    Most annoying around dining table
    Lovely mom singing a same song
    When, when, when
    Worrisome miss traditional wedding read more »

  • 332.
    A New Kind of Mother's Day

    She will never be forgotten,
    We will always remember her silly ways,
    Now we have to pray...
    Mom's help you when you're feeling blue, read more »

    Donna Donzella
  • 333.
    what we been through

    we been though so much since the day you gave me life
    things i might forget and things i will never forget
    the joy i felt the pain i went though read more »

    lacey jacobs
  • 334.
    If ever I become a Mom

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there.
    PLEASE LEAVE SOME COMMENTS! thank you read more »

    hikarU sHenitsUa
  • 335.
    As She Lies Dying (pt 2)

    This time they know
    They know her seceret
    They are doing just as she thought they would do
    And agian, they start chanting read more »

    Savannah Moe
  • 336.
    Living For Today, Will I Have A Tomorrow?

    I am ready for bed
    And all I want to do is crawl in my bed
    And sleep read more »

    Richelle Stutz
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