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Poems About: MIRROR

In this page, poems on / about “mirror” are listed.

  • 25.
    Mirror Mirror

    Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
    I’m sick of your deceit.
    Mirror, Mirror on the wall.
    I think you’ve tried to cheat. read more »

    Camilla Ghosh
  • 26.
    Things are not what they seem

    I look in the mirror
    And I see a person filled with confidence
    I look in the mirror
    And see a person filled with love read more »

    Eugene Robbe Timson
  • 27.
    Magic Mirror

    mirror mirror on the wall
    tell me something i don't know
    mirror mirror on the wall
    give me some response at all read more »

    Anon E Mouse
  • 28.

    its like a big picture
    they can show you things read more »

    Brittany Buffington
  • 29.

    am I : I am
    reflecting who : who reflecting
    : read more »

    David Taylor
  • 30.
    Mirror Mirror

    Don’t display my eyes,
    Don’t display my hair,
    Don’t display my teeth.

    Mirror Mirror read more »

    Madhuri Sawant
  • 31.
    Oh Mirror

    Mirror, mirror,
    On the wall
    Who's the THINNIST
    One of all read more »

    Lailani L.
  • 32.

    My mirror is in my way
    my mirror, my dear, is in the way

    My dear is in my way read more »

    J.W. Frogg
  • 33.
    Mirror Here Mirror There

    Mirror in this hall shows what I hate most of all
    In the bath shows me where I fall
    At twelve shows me where I stand tall
    Yet it shows a short standing of all read more »

    nick trager
  • 34.
    ' The Mirror... '

    I Looked At The Mirror
    Mirror, Looked Back At Me
    I Asked The Mirror
    What Do You See? read more »

    MoonBee Canady
  • 35.

    Mirror mirror
    On the wall
    Who's the fairest of them all read more »

    Sabrina McIntyre
  • 36.
    In The Dark Mirror


    in the dark mirror
    where no light can reach read more »

    Suchoon Mo_
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