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Poems About: METAPHOR

In this page, poems on / about “metaphor” are listed.

  • 349.
    Keep My Feelings Still

    Come here little birds of yesteryear summer
    With flying wings of prosper through airy light
    Guide the ways to heart with your thoughts number
    With a passing through in the blue sky flight read more »

    Peter S. Quinn
  • 350.

    Life, betwixt birth ‘n death
    Choices determine fate
    From first to dying breath
    Finish Earth, we graduate read more »

    Ray Lucero
  • 351.
    Crowded Minds

    Messed my mind today
    thinking what I've lost today
    blinking eyes alone in the rain
    so glad I made my mama's day read more »

    Chosen Reject
  • 352.
    Forbidden 6

    My destiny is contained
    In your silence

    You prefer absence read more »

    Prathibha Nandakumar
  • 353.
    Doctor Doctor Hear Me Out

    Doctor, Doctor, hear me out
    I fear I've got poetic gout
    I'm in the need of diagnosis
    Inform me of my rhyme prognosis read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 354.
    The Darker Path

    Three solitary colors:
    Blue, and black;
    One straight line, read more »

    Atef Ayadi
  • 355.
    The Ornate

    In you I become lost
    in the details of a fingerprint,
    in the definition of metaphor,
    in longing. read more »

    Q. R. Gibson
  • 356.

    Everyone's so smart in films and T.V,
    they speak like pink, flamboyant, transvestite Aristotles
    in the park.
    Sometimes they take the form of skinny, sick, junkies read more »

    dave martinez
  • 357.

    Some poems need a reading
    Others have to be walked read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 358.
    A Thousand Lines Of Poetry

    a thousand lines of poetry
    a thousand reasons to believe
    in such a thing as muses singing
    touching deepest part. read more »

    moon batchelder
  • 359.
    My Soul Hears

    my soul hears your poetry
    before it's anxious drastic lines
    appear to perspicacity
    within your broad, elastic mind. read more »

    moon batchelder
  • 360.
    Metaphors Sulk

    Metaphors in the head,
    screaming for freedom -
    when I'm on the bus,
    empty-handed; dirt road read more »

    Melanie Agua
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