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  • 13.
    0003 Similes, Metaphors and stuff (2)

    Isn’t it strange, this thing called
    Poetry – and even stranger, these things
    called similes and metaphors, which are
    the very essence of what poetry
    uses to try to get to us?

    Look! Over there, in that field! Did you
    see it?
    No, what?
    A hare! Never seen one before! It’s
    hiding in the grass now – there! It’s jumped up again!
    watch it bounce up and down as it runs,
    must have strong hind legs,
    isn’t it funny? So fast, too – our dog will never catch it…

    No I still didn’t see it, I was watching that beautiful
    perfect V-formation of wild geese against the blue sky
    over there, I wonder where they came from,
    where they’re going? And does
    their leader know and lead them, or
    do they all know and they're
    all on the same goosy wave-length and
    they must be cleverer than us then,
    how do they do that...?
    You missed them, they're
    out of sight now, so
    we'll never know...I guess our dog
    barking, set them off…

    And so, our mind – that lively, scatty, playful, faithful dog,
    chasing hares which catch our idling attention,
    chasing wild geese which are out of reach,
    barking up the wrong tree,
    seeking with a wagging tail
    the beautiful, elusive good;

    Or, like Swami Vivekananda describes,
    mind as monkey – restless, vain, vindictive,
    agile, watchful, quick to move,
    never quite at rest – and worse,
    intoxicated, selfish, full of pride; and
    worse again – cunning, drunken, angry,
    inventing enemies in its divided mind –

    Similes for one thing like another,
    metaphors for situations which
    connect in depth of mind like
    crossword clues which finally
    illuminate – ah yes, now I see
    what it’s getting at…and
    we're into a world of enchantment where
    the word makes all Creation one, and new...

    Like parables, they take us deeper, subtly
    tease the mind, and then dart round and past it
    like wingers on the football field
    thrilling our attention, their joyous goal
    touching our heart with the adventure and
    pointing it towards a boundless love;

    similes, metaphors, homely proverbs, parables –
    more difficult than thinking, easier than thought,

    magic. read more »

  • 14.

    Sighting her in opposite mirror
    Like a boundless poetic mirage
    Finding no words I surrender
    To the beauty unfolding its image read more »

  • 15.
    The Poem That Failed

    There is a place where significance ends -
    that is the place where the metaphors tire
    and the similes dimmily fail to inspire
    and the poem runs out in a meaningless flood read more »

  • 16.

    'For i am a Metaphor

    For i am free as a bird read more »

  • 17.

    Worry is a growth upon the mind:
    A parasite – a tick or mite; a nick,
    A churning gut – metaphors combined,
    Rotting down a delicate constitution. read more »

  • 18.
    Changed Voices

    Last night the seawind was to me
    A metaphor of liberty,
    And every wave along the beach
    A starlit music seemed to be. read more »

  • 19.
    ! ! The lake of metaphor

    and perhaps I came to poetry too late
    to dive, a slimmish youth,
    innocent as youth was or is
    into the rich waters of the lake of metaphor read more »

  • 20.
    I Am Not Afraid Of The Rain

    I am not afraid of the rain
    Let it fal & make me wet
    I want to know what you feel
    Because I dont love you today read more »

  • 21.
    ! On a wing and a prayer

    has had a bad press
    throughout history
    as some sort of moral metaphor read more »

  • 22.
    Typhoon Signal No. 1

    This is where the typhoon starts—
    inside the fourth paragraph,
    ten city blocks away, read more »

  • 23.

    The beauty of butter flies
    The freshness of flowers
    In you alone lies
    The passionate powers read more »

  • 24.
    Thoughts On World Poetry

    To coin a metaphor:

    It's like a Protestant
    wandering into a Catholic church read more »

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