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A Reflective Journey - Poem by James Darwin Smith II

Oh, Cloudy skies of delusions
Clean up for the stars to seize
A great metaphor for pondering
Inside the philosophy that is me

So many galaxies
So many planets
Stars and stars to be seen
Why do I feel so little on earth?
Is everything all just a dream?

Oh, Universe
What is the very origin of this soul?
What stars did you reap?
A parallel, Must be my home
Why can I never go there ever again?

Who knows me?
Perhaps I could have a bit of amnesia
Not able to pinpoint the stars
That shall direct me to my true abode

But say if I am truly of this planet
The one they call Earth
Why do I feel so different?
Where was I before I was born into this world?

Inside of me, Deep inside
There are so many galaxies, Universes, Stars
And of course planets
I call them my entire inner muse

Oh, Cloudy mind
Clean your mess
Down from you
And into this very heart
Help make my life more than just a metaphor

So sick of over thinking
Feeling practically numb all over
As all those feelings go straight into my heart

My heart, mind and even soul
Will they soon be aligned for good?

Will I feel comfort again?
Please, make it very, very soon

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