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Poems About: MEMORY

In this page, poems on / about “memory” are listed.

  • 349.

    Verse 1:
    I’m sitting in my room thinking about the times that weren’t so bad
    When you were here with the family
    It was like you were the person who listened, the kind one read more »

    Shane Cannon
  • 350.

    My Memories

    My memories are special for they leave a good feeling inside of me
    Some just a day, a sight, a voice, an experience; you see. read more »

    chuck Hurley
  • 351.
    dewy memories

    Dewy Memories read more »

    shaina quereshi
  • 352.

    All these memories of you and me
    Are making me start to see
    You are my one true love
    Isn't that enough? read more »

    Unknown Unknown
  • 353.
    My Favorite Memory

    The first time we met is a favorite memory of mine
    They say time changes all it pertains to
    But your memory is stronger then time read more »

    connie Engstrom
  • 354.
    ' A Cardboard Box'

    Crawled under the house to retrieve
    something's that I had fogotten.
    While I took them out, I sorted and found
    that most of what I'd stored, was damp and rotten. read more »

    Linda Winchell
  • 355.

    Everywhere I look...
    theres something there
    that can go in my memory book
    I think of the good times read more »

    Nikki Torrez
  • 356.
    Keep Those Soldiers In Our Memories

    Keep those soldiers in our memories
    And hold them in our prayers
    And show them just how much
    They're respected, and how we care read more »

    norman hale
  • 357.
    Thoughts on a memory

    There is so little I can say,

    and yet so much thought read more »

    Ranger Lady
  • 358.

    nothing good lasts forever
    memories fade
    relationships stop
    it is the bad things that people remmber the most read more »

    Jessica LaDuron
  • 359.
    For As Long

    For as long as I do have a functioning brain
    Memories stored from life I am bound to retain
    And as memory goes what goes for one goes for all
    Our good and bad memories are ours to recall read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 360.
    Those Memories

    As the snow falls,
    i remember all those times,
    when we used to go to the big hill,
    and snowboard all day, read more »

    Broken Angel
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