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A Thousand Terrible Miles - Poem by dino evans

My love, I take pen in hand with no hope of reaching you, no hope of hearing a return word or knowing what fate may have befallen you. It is only my belief that you are somewhere thinking of me that keeps me from the brink of the dreadful abyss that I now find myself staring into. I pray that you are well, although it has been so long since last you have written, I spend my nights wondering, have you forgotten me, or has someone else taken my memory from your heart.

A thousand terrible miles I have traveled in one place, waiting since the day you left, my vow unbroken, my love for you greater than when I last kissed your lips, my heart still beating for your safe return. My existence here has been one of desperation, desperate that your last words to me remain true, and that tomorrow you will return to me, to fill this emptiness that lies beside me each night. Deep within every cloud that passes overhead, I see your face, The music of your voice in every breeze that wanders through another season, without you.

I fear that God is becoming weary of my prayers for your return, and that someday soon, I will be alone with my desire. I am unable to come to terms with the fact that I may never again hold you in my arms, feel your love for me, so I cling to this, as I cling to our last night together, and the words that still echo in the starlight, so far above me, as you are so far away.
I reach for tomorrow, but am chained to the past, although I can see nothing in either direction, except your memory.

I leave this letter, once again your devoted, but with the fear that it is written as a message in a bottle, to float upon the ocean of loneliness that drowns my hope a little more each day that you are gone.

Return to me my love, if these words, I am fortunate enough to have delivered to you
Remember me, if I am worthy of your memory, and know that I am here as I said I would be, always, lost without you, and forever in dreams of you.

With all my love and all my heart I send this to you in the hope that it will find you well, D.

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