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Poems About: MARRIAGE

In this page, poems on / about “marriage” are listed.

  • 349.
    I Remember

    I remember you told me you Love me.
    I use to think you was lying to me.
    I remember the first time we kiss it was just like magic.
    I remember like it was yesterday. read more »

    Karmy Love
  • 350.
    let her lies be truth and then set yourself free

    be wise my dear
    when she comes back to you and tells you lies
    pretend you believe her
    and let her tell all her lies again read more »

  • 351.
    He Often Thinks Of Rosie

    He often thinks of Rosie where might she be today?
    Is she still back home in Derry from here long miles away
    For three years they were an item but for them things did not work out
    As often can happen in love affairs between one from a Northern Land and one from a Land in the far South. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 352.
    There operations for me every year.

    read more »

    Susie Sunshine
  • 353.

    Karina she says she has had it with men
    She has raised five children from her marriages to Tony and Glen
    Both were heavy drinkers and both her did beat
    She reckons that decent men are hard to meet read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 354.
    Marriage Vows

    When we take our marriage vows, it's
    supposed to be, till death do us part,
    but in this day and age, it can be over
    before it will start! Couples, don't try to read more »

    Audrey Heller
  • 355.
    an independent woman

    an independent woman had taken so much lust inside her breast
    she was filled and then bored and decided to throw
    all her hormones away read more »

  • 356.
    When You Least Expect It

    Knock-kneed Nell had stories to tell
    About all the sights she'd seen.
    That sexy sway began her day....
    Thinking how things could have been. read more »

    elysabeth faslund
  • 357.

    Seen as unsuccessful and nagged by his wife
    But Billy will tell you his is not a bad life
    Every evening after work he's in the pub until late
    And he is one who is not short of a mate. read more »

    Francis Duggan
  • 358.

    in one house
    they live
    as married couple read more »

  • 359.
    You are too young to get married

    You are happy because over the threshold is where you'll be carried.
    But you are too young to get married.
    Marriage is a very serious step to take.
    You are sixteen and this is a mistake. read more »

    Randy Johnson
  • 360.
    Love, An Event

    Love happened like an event, it cried,
    It worked along the brain on and on,
    One left it reside in the heart, it beats
    And it won for five seasons, victory achieved. read more »

    Naveed Akram
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