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The Feast Of Fairies - Poem by Obinna Kenechukwu Eruchie

As time sets the great blaze
To rest where the sky meets the earth
For the silver glow
To reveal faraway

In a land of forever magic
Where trees and flowers dominate
Merriment reigns
Happiness lives

Across the vast pleasures
There a feast takes place
A group of bright lights
Fly in circles that revolve

These bright lights
Are known as fairies
Tiny magical beings
Made of happiness

They fly with wonderful wings
That flutters with magnificence
Leaving a trail of
Sprinkling shiny silvery dust

Of tender limbs
Jolly and slight
Supple as they proceed
In vibrant flight

The fairies possess wands slender
That sprouts shiny silvery dust
To render feats impossible
Feats done with magic

The fairies are celebrating magic
A time to perform magic
The magic of brightness
In a kingdom of cheerfulness

Five of them are revolving
Around a flower
The wands at the immature flower
To make it fully sprout

Some performed their magic
On the flowers
To make them
Sparkle like diamonds

Others touch the pond
With their wands
To make it solid as a rock
For their feet to step on

The fairies danced ballet
On the liquid turned solid
That sparkled so fine
And very neatly

Fruits like apples, pears,
Plums, chestnuts, greengages
And the rest came plucked off
By charm to join in the fun

Seven fairies flew up
To the starlit sky
To draw a rainbow across
For a wonderful significance

Pleasant dreamy music
Filled the air
The fairies were rejoicing
In their style

Some twirled in their flight
Others flew in curves
Others round and round
Others in a straight manner

From them, lights so magical
A reminiscence of love
An enjoyment of beauty
The feast of fairies

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