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Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.

  • 361.
    The Midnight Magic

    the midnight magic
    under the vanilla stars
    wild twilight photographs dance as
    ocean salt water waves splash read more »

    art kuttler
  • 362.
    under the banana tree

    under the banana tree
    waited for the
    magic pebble read more »

  • 363.
    __ UNaware

    Waiting in solitude
    As long as you need me
    I shall be there
    Knowing what your heart holds for me read more »

    sheetal Vincent
  • 364.

    sparkling amethysts
    surrounded by jade
    magic twined together
    through a silver braid read more »

    shweta khosla
  • 365.
    Magic Fadings

    The dawn of a new age approches,
    the light of the old era fades.
    Ways of the old are now forsaken,
    like the pass of the elven glades. read more »

    Mandy Lee
  • 366.
    Sixth Flavour: Spearmint 12 July 2009

    The High Energy Magic Building at
    Unseen University where fluxes in
    the morphic nature of the universe
    show the impermanence of seeming- read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 367.

    You have your life, and I have mine
    You have mysterious eyes and so do I
    When our eyes meet, we become one
    It's like magic, life doesn't matter read more »

    Ann Hoger
  • 368.
    All Beguiling

    The crocodile is smiling,
    life is all beguiling while
    reading the true story of
    the greatest cataclysm to read more »

    Margaret Alice
  • 369.
    The Magic Window

    The birds are skinny rats
    The oceans and skies are filthy cats
    Through this magic window
    All things fall to the wings of this blue shadow read more »

    Sicelo Sithole
  • 370.
    Merlin the great

    the magic soars above us,
    it dances around us,
    it waits for use to give them a job,
    the peacefulness of the wind, read more »

    Nicholas Spandrel
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