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Poems About: MAGIC

In this page, poems on / about “magic” are listed.

  • 25.
    Magic Happens

    I've seen magic happen
    So I know it does
    I feel magic happening
    Right now read more »

    Sonya Florentino
  • 26.
    magic surrounds the world

    magic makes the miracles,
    magic finds those who need it,
    looking around,
    moving around the world, read more »

    Nicholas Spandrel
  • 27.

    You have magic in your finger tips,
    Magic in your eye.
    Magic in the arms that hold
    And tell me not to cry. read more »

    Grace V. Tidrow
  • 28.

    Magic is every where you cannot hear or see it
    but you feel it
    in the rustles of the trees
    in the rush of the wind read more »

    kayleigh 2007
  • 29.

    Do you believe in magick? I do, the following poem will help you understand.
    Magic is that one wish
    That one hope
    That everything will continue read more »

    Sara Jo Andrews
  • 30.
    The Day Magic Died

    I sat down and cried, wondered why, magic died
    Do you know of its demise,
    Now I fear and dare not dream of miracles
    And how we came about, and fables full of doubt read more »

    shimon weinroth
  • 31.
    A little Thing Called Magic

    There is a sigh of words drained from the bitterness of your mouth
    warning me again of the magic that is stored
    this magic tricking me, scraching at my heart
    making it open to the simple words of praise and fortune read more »

    Kristinahh KIMBER
  • 32.
    The magic in you

    Your magic spell and I’m lovesick
    Your magic spell and I’m brainsick
    Your magic spell and I’m heartsick read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
  • 33.

    Flashes of happiness, in bright daylight..
    A kiss from an angel, in the middle of the night..
    Our body does the salsa, our heart happily jives..
    Sweet moments of joy, add Magic in our lives.. read more »

    Abhijit Surve
  • 34.
    Who Stole my magical part?

    Once i was a single piece of story,
    And then was added up with a bit of Magic.
    I roamed about on the grass and the slums
    And on the glass of hope and in salty lake. read more »

    Vinoop Fredy
  • 35.

    Another day, another sunset
    Do you see the magic in the sunset?
    Another pay, another upset
    Can you see the magic in the sunset? read more »

    Philo Yan
  • 36.
    Black Magic

    Black magic
    what is it really?
    It is a trick
    Meant for the mind read more »

    Natalia Nolte
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