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Poems About: LUST

In this page, poems on / about “lust” are listed.

  • 25.

    Lust, a burning, searing flame
    that creeps through your veins.

    Lighting you up with a hot, read more »

    Christina Bruce
  • 26.
    Lust Doesn't Last

    Lust is lust
    And doesn't last.
    When I thought that lust is Love,
    I found out that I don't love. read more »

    Mihaela Pirjol
  • 27.
    Power Rangers Lust Galaxy

    Far far away
    Deep in space read more »

    Ramona Thompson
  • 28.
    And I Lust

    And I lust
    lust for feeling
    As I watch it crumble to dust
    And stand in its majestic ruin read more »

    Hasan Ali
  • 29.
    love; with or without the lust

    lust is there apon the sins one through ten and;
    sha'll not b broken then

    lust comes from love but still a sin read more »

    austin spalding
  • 30.
    In Excess

    Illegal lust!
    There's no hope in you;
    Do not be drunk with wine which is in excess; read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 31.

    Don't Let Lust Get You
    It Will Betray, The One You Love
    The One You Love Won't Trust If You Let Lust Get You
    Don't Let Lust Get You read more »

    Latasha Dixon
  • 32.
    Unfruitful Works Of The Darkness

    With all uncleanness or covetousness;
    With filthiness around you. read more »

    Edward Kofi Louis
  • 33.
    A Love Lust!

    Lust born of love is full of passion!
    Passionate love rules life longer;
    Ageless passion never diminishes
    Even when death approaches fast! read more »

    Ramesh T A
  • 34.
    a certain lust

    ya see, i gotta certain lust, that makes me want to do stuff
    theres so much i wanna do before my time is up, so much i wanna experience, so much i wanna see, so much i wanna smell, so much i wanna touch, so much i wanna play around with
    see, i am a rather eccentric, loving unusual person, that is determined to live life with flair and laughter
    i gotta certain lust for something better, and i hope that it last, last long enough to be wanted, to bee needed, by a person that really believes in me read more »

    Takiyah Penny
  • 35.
    How Much Of Money?

    How much of money'll quench my thirst?
    Where lies the point of satisfying lust?

    How much of money'll give me very trust read more »

    Palas kumar Ray
  • 36.
    A Difference…

    Is it love or lust…
    When he kisses you on the cheek.

    LOVE read more »

    Stacey Stevens
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