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  • 337.

    Heart pounding.
    Blood rushing.
    static electricity just by touching.

    lust or love?
    you choose.

    lust the deadlyest of sin
    wicked is lovely
    explain? i wouldn't know were to begin

    bitting your lip to keep from screaming
    your always on my mind
    What the hell is this feeling?

    I'm long past insane
    totally nuts even

    but in your arms lie my salvation read more »

  • 338.
    Burning Desire

    Velvet sheets, soft skin.
    Backs to the wall,
    skin to skin. read more »

  • 339.

    My name is wendy and i am alone in a world so cold because I committed myself to love that quickly turned into lust a war I couldn't win no matter how I tried I didn't survive the battle i left into my shadow and left without one word as I never love again because of the pain the lie and most the lust read more »

  • 340.

    If love is a sinful arch,
    thou art the goddess of lust,
    envoy of Asmodeus,
    my sanity which you oust read more »

  • 341.
    Catalytic Apathy

    Twenty-four minutes I think it was
    I served lust’s detention in your arms
    I am deceit and deceit is contagious
    Like a fever read more »

  • 342.
    Lust For Me

    Lust for me
    Call to me to please you
    To drown your pain in my own
    Rub gentle hands covered in blood down my body read more »

  • 343.
    Blood Lust

    People hurt each other
    People kill each other
    We have blood lust
    Like the mighty darkling’s read more »

  • 344.
    Love and Lust

    Love and lust, two way differenet thigs
    They both may be fun
    They both may hurt
    They both may last a while, or not read more »

  • 345.
    The Halos Are Gone

    The dragons flame burns like hell
    Turning everything to dust
    It's from grace that I have fell
    Fallen for the demons lust read more »

  • 346.

    Lust is Love in hope of immortality
    Walk on, in the intoxication of hope
    Abandon the paradise your father lost
    Trade it for a dime and a half read more »

  • 347.
    twisted emotions that scream in my mind

    alone, forgotten, forlorn, afraid
    I am forgotten in every way
    disapproval, Depression, confusion,
    Are all of my thoughts just one allusion read more »

  • 348.

    Mature i am
    or more than before
    for the year i have written
    has made me more mature read more »

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