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In this page, poems on / about “lust” are listed.

  • 337.
    In The Heat of the Moment

    Flames like clawed nails scratch the house
    Because of a cigarette in a wastebin filled with paper
    Crackling in barbaric laughs like war drums
    With fingers interlaced like lovers read more »

  • 338.
    Nuance of Romance

    Blood-jet darts to inflame desire
    overlooking one untold truth;
    longings itch for lovers' advent,
    resume gulping passion's vermouth. read more »

  • 339.
    Into the realm of the unknown

    Lets walk in the rain
    And let me hear u sing
    And look into ur eyes
    Feel the water against your skin read more »

  • 340.
    My Apologies To Peniamina

    Love and lust carried me away with each thought of you and talk with you. I should have kept my yearning a secret, my lusts tamed, and my tongue chaste. Confessions of the heart risk the presence of those we hold dear. My heart is queer when I think of you, my tongue is giddy and loose as you speak to me, and my soul leaps into the highest heights of heaven. This was my secret and I lived with it in vain. I lived an irrational fantasy because I dreamed alone.

    Only here and in my heart, mind, and soul can my love be legal. 'Twould be punishable if the doors are open. Forgive my ludicrous assumptions and discard my thoughts that only bring curses. read more »

  • 341.
    Pandarus to Troilus

    *What's the problem now?
    You're weeping and wailing like a woman
    whose lover has left her again! That's
    the way of the world, you imbecile! read more »

  • 342.
    Though Old & Grey

    This world’s in such a dreadful state
    Her children live and die
    Blindly walking through hells wide gate
    And never knowing why read more »

  • 343.

    To be in love, in lust is this just?
    To adjust or simply shush.
    Before this unbecoming rush or crush
    Crushes our clear or darkening lungs read more »

  • 344.

    To be in love, in lust is this just?
    To adjust or simply shush.
    Before this unbecoming rush or crush
    Crushes our clear or darkening lungs read more »

  • 345.

    To think the devil can’t exist
    That Satan’s not alive
    Allow such folly to persist
    Enables him to thrive read more »

  • 346.
    It should have been me


    I hear the pretty women say,
    I need a man who I can trust, read more »

  • 347.
    A Teacher Fights Back

    Author's note-They might be young and sometimes classified as too sexy to teach but that does not mean that they are all guilty of the crimes of which they are sometimes accused.

    So think. Think before you lead another witch hunt. Maybe. Just maybe it's the student who is the guilty party for chasing after something they should have been taught from the start by a parent to never want in the first place. read more »

  • 348.

    as life go's on i want to move on
    move away from such great hate
    life is what we all live for
    your job could be good or you could just be bored read more »

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  68. The satyrs, Emmanuel George Cefai
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