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Love Is - Poem by Alexandria Kellner

Love is a heart that can become a broken puzzle if torn apart.
Love is a dagger forced into a poor lonely soul that can break you or make you whole.
Love is a game, shame, lame and a name.
Love is a new life and a knife.
Love can be like death, it can give or take your breath.
Love is a sadness, a sorrow.
Love is a new day tomorrow.
Love is distressing, depressing, and obsessing.
Love is shame and never ending disgrace.
Love is a destructive nightmare.
Love is a feeling that can be disgraceful and hurtful.
Love is a fire, a burning desire, and can be a dirty liar.
Love is a killer and a thriller.
Love is a pill that messes with will.
Love is a flowing river that makes you cold, makes you quiver.
Love is a new door that can be empty or can be more.
Love is a passage way, a new beginning, even a bran new day.
Love is the colors black and blue from the bruises from the old that still look new.
Love is a book, a new way to look.
Love is pain that can be lost or can gain.

But love can also be,
Love is what puts your broken heart together again.
Love is the bandage to close an open wound.
Love is a fate, play, story, and a game.
Love is a new awakening and a new place.
Love is like birth, it can make or break.
Love can be your release, and serenity.
Love is a happiness, and glee.
Love is the finally day of a saddening yesterday.
Love is pleasing, exhilarating, and interesting.
Love is glory and a never ending story.
Love is a flourishing flower.
Love is a feeling that can be completing and intriguing.
Love is a stream, a lovely dream, and can be a new beginning.
Love is excitement and a destroyer.
Love is a drink that will put on the a craze.
Love is a fire that makes you warm, makes you arise.
Love is a open door that can be just for you or more.
Love is a new place, a new destination, even a new way.
Love is the colors white and red from the new beginning and all the love.
Love is a picture, a new story.
Love is excitement that can be taken or added.
Love is apart of you and me and that's the way it will always be.

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