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True Love - Poem by Curtisj Johnson

True Love
By Curtis Johnson

The English language does not serve up justice to the word ‘Love’.
It allows for an unrestricted usage relative to the object of our affection. “I love my house, and I love my car; I love my dog, and I love my cat”.

If the equity in my house rises high enough, I will sell it and buy a better one. If my car no longer performs or I desire to have a new one, I’ll sell or trade it. My dog stands by me, and he’s my best friend. My cat is quiet and very comforting.

“I love my teachers, and I love my preachers: I love my parents and my siblings too”. I love my job, and I love my blue suede shoes; I love my friends and my enemies too”. I tell you, there is no end to the things that I love without much distinction.

I love my husband; I love my wife; Now hold on! This is where the red flag must fall. This is where the defining line of true love is drawn in the sand, and here, I take my stand. There are obviously hidden meanings when it comes to “Loving” in the English language.

Why did the English not confer more with the Greeks in matters of the “Love Word”? Would my wife not be much more appreciative of a “Love Word” from me if she knew that my choice of words was different from, let’s say those used to describe my affinity for a professional football team? I think yes.

Anyway, I do “LOVE” my wife far more and far longer than I ‘love’ the raise I received on my job. English is the only language I know. So I am stuck with loving the coffee she made for me, and LOVING her with the same word.

The Greeks seemed to have had a better idea. In the Greek, there are at least three words for “Love”. Those words are very relevant at this point. Phileo, Eros, and Agape express three distinct meanings of “Love”. Phileo love is a brotherly love from which we get the English word Philadelphia. Eros is a romantic love from which we get the word Erotic. In Christian theology, Agape is the divine love, or God’s love for mankind.

And now a final word, especially to all of us who are married. Here is one way to clear everything up and cover all the bases of love. Herein lies a way to not just hit a home run, but a grand slam.
Say these words to your spouse: “Honey, let me count the ways that I love thee; my dear, believe me when I say, I love thee in the English, and I love thee in the Greek; I Phileo you, because you are my best friend; I Eros you, because you are my only lover; and I Agape you with a love so divine”.09292015cj

Comments about True Love by Curtisj Johnson

  • Gold Star - 4,596 Points Ratnakar Mandlik (9/29/2015 11:26:00 PM)

    Quite informative as well as educative for many of us. Excellently elaborated. Thanks for sharing. (Report) Reply

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  • Veteran Poet - 1,203 Points Muhammad Imtiyaz (9/29/2015 10:23:00 PM)

    excellent....I like it (Report) Reply

    Silver Star - 3,390 Points Curtis Johnson (9/29/2015 10:41:00 PM)

    Thank you Muhammad. Appreciate your compliment

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