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Will Always Love You My Son - Poem by fred sweetguy

Doctor 'Congratulations it's a boy'

I love you son I love you son boy you got me crying, from the moment you came in my sight now my heart is smiling.

I love you son I love you son even when your yelling, I know it's hard to be so young and here your milk is ready.

I love you son I love you son 2 months and now just smiling, boy I know your still so young but wow you just keep growing.

I love you son I love you son 3 months and finally laughing, never heard such a beautiful sound and always makes me happy.

I love you son I love you son 4 months and your first hair cut, don't worry son I saved a bunch it's hidden in my closet.

I love you son I love you son 5 months and now your sitting, I watch as you sit one thing less to teach you.

I love you son I love you son 8 months and now you're crawling, you're such a pro and surely quick it's time to run and catch you.

I love you son I love you son 9 months and now you're standing, I wake up and look at the crib all I see is a baby Standing.

I love you son I love you son 10 months and just said daddy, you just put so much joy in my face I promise it won't be forgotten.

I love you son I love you son 11 Months and just started walking, such a surprise you gave me my son surely I'm smiling and laughing.

I love you son I love you son its 1 year and now your birthday, go out and play with all your friends enjoy this beautiful day.

I love you son I love you son I hope you enjoyed your birthday, one last thing I need to tell you son I promise to always love you.

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