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Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.

  • 349.
    Ways Of Love

    Love is mysterious
    Love is soul
    Love makes you want to grow up & grow old
    Love is me read more »

    Donna Molicha Rosado
  • 350.
    Why Do We Love Love

    </>Why do we love love
    why does love even exist
    we all get hurt by love
    so why love love read more »

    sanitra porter
  • 351.
    Love is Myself

    You told, love hurts
    Hurt it might
    I still love ‘coz
    I love love read more »

    Vinod Varma
  • 352.
    Love and Hatred

    Love is not so heavy as hatred,
    Love is gentle and soothing,
    While hatred is rude and disturbing,
    Love is an attribute of God, read more »

    Mohammad Akmal Nazir
  • 353.
    LOVE What's love? ? ? ?

    Love is just a word that i did not knew the meaning of before i met a special 'GUY'.
    He showed me love even if it was not totally right
    Love is deep
    Love is special read more »

    carly achoba
  • 354.
    I Love a Woman

    I love a woman with all of me
    I love a woman in great depth
    I love a woman and her name is Mystique
    I call her that for she ventured deep into my heart read more »

    Solomon Kobela
  • 355.
    Love Can

    Love is grand, love is fine
    Love is with us all the time

    Love will start then love will grow read more »

    Ray Hansell
  • 356.
    Love is...

    Love is wonderful
    Love is dangerous
    Love is beautiful
    Love is ugly read more »

    Ashleigh Stephenson
  • 357.
    Love is....

    Love is love, as love is love
    Love is what? Love simply is love
    As the moon does glow so I do love
    Ask what I do and my answer is love read more »

    Tracy Scheepers
  • 358.
    Love, Love

    Love, Love, I am falling
    Love, Love, you are calling
    Love, Love, I am needing
    Love, Love, you are lying read more »

    John Paul Pannell
  • 359.
    Love Is

    Love Is...
    Love is sitting around waiting on you for hours
    Love is that 'hello kiss' that didn't need flowers
    Love is asking me, babe sooo leh meh hear d plan read more »

    Mariposa Mariposa
  • 360.
    The Strange Thoughts Of Life

    I love the silent's silence, I love the words that can not express themselves, I love to walk in the tunnel of darkness, I love to be by myself on a crossroad, I love to have a house on the top of a mountain, I love to be a pretty candle, I love to ride a passing cloud, I love to be always an immigrant to the unknown, I love to find read more »

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