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Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.

  • 337.
    MY LOVE TODAY? ؟ ؟ ؟

    My love you must to know today your love make me crazy

    I love you love nobody love you AS me my love read more »

    Faisal Talhah
  • 338.
    Love is Myself

    You told, love hurts
    Hurt it might
    I still love ‘coz
    I love love read more »

    Vinod Varma
  • 339.
    What Kind Of Love?

    Love is very illusive, yet it is everywhere
    Some love themselves
    Some love money
    Some love what the world provides read more »

    Danel Van Wyk
  • 340.
    Why Do We Love Love

    </>Why do we love love
    why does love even exist
    we all get hurt by love
    so why love love read more »

    sanitra porter
  • 341.
    Love Hurts

    Love hurts,
    When you can't be with the one you love,
    Love hurts,
    When the one you love is with someone else, read more »

    Shanice A. Rodriguez
  • 342.
    What is to Love?

    to love is to hate,
    to hate is to anger,
    im lost in myself,
    never feeling love, read more »

    andrew william
  • 343.
    Love Can

    Love is grand, love is fine
    Love is with us all the time

    Love will start then love will grow read more »

    Ray Hansell
  • 344.
    Give and take in love

    Sensation in love
    To give and to give
    In love
    Never asking to gain read more »

    sallam yassin
  • 345.
    What Is Love?

    What is love? love is the first feeling
    you feel before all the bad stuff gets
    in the way. love is when someone hurts you
    and you don't yell at them because you read more »

    sara stout
  • 346.
    Love Love Love

    Love Love Love
    The most wonderful thing that can be shared
    Love Love Love
    Some love resorts to anger most of the time leaving each other. Then love becomes sadness read more »

    Devin Weseen
  • 347.

    Love someone yesterday
    Love someone today
    Love someone tomorrow
    Love someone everyday read more »

    Amy Byrd
  • 348.

    Love is compassion
    Love is gain
    Love is not resentful
    Love is insane read more »

    Autumn somebody
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