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Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.

  • 313.
    love makes you strong or weak

    what is love many people say I love you but what is really love.
    love make you feel great
    love make you smile, but what is love without feeling it.
    love makes you fly so high but what is love when makes you fall. love makes you strong but at the same time makes you weak. love but not too much beause if you love your feelings might be hurt but if you dont love you never know what is love. read more »

    Gabriel Tajonar
  • 314.
    What Is Love?

    Love is true love is blind
    Love is magical but really hard to find
    Love is wonderful love is bliss
    But can you tell by his touch or kiss? read more »

    lou lou
  • 315.
    <3 Love <3

    Love is good,

    Love is bad, read more »

    mikki love
  • 316.
    Ways Of Love

    Love is mysterious
    Love is soul
    Love makes you want to grow up & grow old
    Love is me read more »

    Donna Molicha Rosado
  • 317.
    Love; sacred and secrets.

    When was the first time you hear one say i love you?
    How did it sound?
    Love, love, love, love.
    Just like a band. read more »

    Ebi Robert
  • 318.
    I Love That I Love You

    I love that you are here with me
    I love that we are still friends
    I love when we talk you always smile
    I love that you’re alive read more »

    Katie Countryman
  • 319.

    Love is a strong word.
    Love is made for everyone
    Love is just love
    Love is not wasted. read more »

    Lisa Chicharello
  • 320.
    More Then Loving You

    I love you in the rain
    I love you in the sun
    I love you heart and soul
    For me you are the only one read more »

    Ray Hansell
  • 321.
    When You Love Truly

    When you love me
    you do not hurt me
    when you love me
    you carry me over obstacles in my path read more »

    Victoria Hughes
  • 322.
    Love Is Only Physics

    Love is not an enduring emotion
    Love is not an infinite passion
    Love is not related to the heart beats
    Love is not about dreams and trances read more »

    Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari
  • 323.
    My meaning of love

    love is when you love eachother,
    love is when you never say 'its over',
    love is when you own her heart,
    love has no ending just a start, read more »

    Jocsan Urrutia
  • 324.
    Love Got Many Names And Meanings

    Love got many names and meanings
    Sing by lover hearts
    My love has other meaning
    Not in the dictionary or glossary read more »

    Mohammed AlBalushi
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