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Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.

  • 217.

    Love makes you feel warm inside
    Love is always by your side
    Love it’s the work of cupid
    Love is so strong, its stupid read more »

    James Mos
  • 218.

    Love creates mysterious things,
    Love creates beautiful expressions,
    Love creates everything we need,
    Love creates without a thought :) read more »

    Paul Jensen Jr
  • 219.

    Love gives always to who needs :)
    Love gives always to help :)
    Love gives always to let us be happy :)
    Love gives always effortlessly :) read more »

    Paul Jensen Jr
  • 220.
    My Wall Clock

    Love, love and Love
    You are my love
    I love your eyes
    They are oceans of love read more »

    Shashikant Nishant Sharma
  • 221.

    love brings war
    love brings hate
    love brings happiness
    love brings joy read more »

    kyle duval
  • 222.
    Spread Love (Monchielle)

    Spread love in the whole world
    You can just feel it within
    Love just keeps on giving
    Sow seeds of love everywhere read more »

    Dorian Petersen Potter
  • 223.

    Love is love
    Not the absence of hate
    Nor of malice
    Love is love is love read more »

    Isaac Maliya
  • 224.
    I love...

    I love you

    I love those deep hazel eyes
    I love the sweet lullabies read more »

    Rosa White
  • 225.
    Love Love

    I love love, it's so lovely
    I love loving love, being loved
    Loving others loving
    Feeling the love, I love the feeling read more »

    Aryana West
  • 226.

    Love is worship
    Love is passion
    Love is a promise
    Love is friendship read more »

    seemakhera (Aanamika 805)
  • 227.
    Love is True

    Love knows no age,

    nor looks, read more »

    Mehan Warnson
  • 228.

    love is a need
    for human and animals too,
    love is a care you do,
    Love is here and there, read more »

    Tanveer Sharma
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