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Poems About: LOVE

In this page, poems on / about “love” are listed.

  • 205.
    Spread Love (Monchielle)

    Spread love in the whole world
    You can just feel it within
    Love just keeps on giving
    Sow seeds of love everywhere read more »

    Dorian Petersen Potter
  • 206.
    I love...

    I love you

    I love those deep hazel eyes
    I love the sweet lullabies read more »

    Rosa White
  • 207.
    “What is this thing called love”

    Title borrowed from Cole Porter

    Some love a winter’s walk read more »

    Stanley Cooper
  • 208.

    Love makes you feel warm inside
    Love is always by your side
    Love it’s the work of cupid
    Love is so strong, its stupid read more »

    James Mos
  • 209.
    I am seeking that “titled”, LOVE…

    I am seeking that SWEET LOVE, STAND UP FOR LOVE type of love, LOVERS & FRIENDS kind of love, that Trick love the kids love.
    I stare in your brown eyes and wish I had that SEXY LOVE, LOVE IN A SPECIAL WAY love, HATE THAT I LOVE YOU love.
    I want to be able to question myself and ask if this COULD BE LOVE.
    I wanna make him scream and shout, that’s not a problem because MY LOVE IS LIKE WOAH, my LOVE IS INCREDIBLE, my LOVE DON’T LOVE NOBODY else except for him because ALL I WANT IS his LOVE. I bet he will never experience A LOVE LIKE THIS BEFORE. read more »

    EnVY Aaa
  • 210.
    I Love Love You

    I Love You
    I Love Love You
    no other words could say it more
    your handsome and clever read more »

    S.M. Riggin
  • 211.
    My Love for You

    My love for you can never turn cold
    My love for you can never grow old
    My love for you can never fade
    My love for you can never be dead read more »

    Fareez Nasir
  • 212.
    Love is...

    Love is nothing,
    Love is lost,
    Love is dumb,
    Love is hard, read more »

    Dragon Crenshaw
  • 213.
    Love is True

    Love knows no age,

    nor looks, read more »

    Mehan Warnson
  • 214.
    Love, Love, Love

    Love, love, love
    I hear it everywhere
    Why is it so great
    I hear it here and there read more »

    Fareez Nasir
  • 215.
    Love, really

    Love is always
    wondering if
    Love has given
    you the syph read more »

    K.E. Ryansburg
  • 216.
    Love can be

    Love can be natural
    Love can be mechanical
    Love can be informal or formal
    Love can be functional or dysfunctional read more »

    Sylvia Chidi
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