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  • 373.

    What I really despise,
    these tears I shed will never go away
    the tears that fall, will remind me of my pain
    the pain of loss is what I speak
    the pain that made me fall to my knees
    this pain is what I so despise but,
    all I can do is to fall and cry
    I lose my way,
    to this never ending pain
    I loss reason
    to why she never came
    the answers I come to will forever haunt
    this pain of loss
    is what truly makes me scream
    this yelling person who is me
    will forever continue to cry and scream
    that’s why I hate to have these tears fall from my eyes
    this nightmare of falling tears is what I really despise

    February 19,2008 read more »

  • 374.
    His Loss

    He made me think I was the only one.
    He led me where I wanted to be for him.
    But, really I allowed him to do this to me.
    How can i blame him for what I let happen to me, sweet memories.. read more »

  • 375.
    Try *Unreal edit*

    I am the ruin-er of all dreams
    The darkest of angels so it seams
    Lock me away forever
    This is my second endeavor read more »

  • 376.
    Loss and Life

    A loss of a friend hurts
    The loss of a best friend hurts more,
    But it is never a true loss;
    Everyday you will see something that reminds you of them read more »

  • 377.
    The loss

    The loss

    Fighting everyday for for something that we can not say
    The pain the future what's going to happen to us read more »

  • 378.
    the war

    the revolutionary war so bloody and cruel,
    the war started at the dust of dawn so cold so fearful,
    the earnest in the people's heart who were in battle,
    knowing their death can come the war and there pride, read more »

  • 379.

    My losses are no longer unbearable.
    No sooner do I come out of a loss
    Then I fall into another.
    I - for example - died,
    Died a long time ago read more »

  • 380.
    Two Fifties and a Tomato Cart

    Two.50 calibre rounds destroyed the old man's head
    there was nothing left in the space
    where once eyes, nose, mouth had lived
    his face was shredded read more »

  • 381.
    wrong side step

    art of deception
    loss of identity loss of detection
    under the worlds scope of inspection
    classified as a C section read more »

  • 382.
    Paradiso Perduto

    Loss and gain, fear and pain, trivial pursuit,
    Yet so important I would die,
    And die again and again, no gain,
    The pain pursuing happiness and loss, read more »

  • 383.
    Weigh of Vanity

    Weigh of Vanity

    Only admit one loss losses in one lost,
    Life keeps such principle to suit losers. read more »

  • 384.
    Were did magic go! ? ! ? ! ? !

    When I realized that magic had died, I begin to cry
    The loss of imagination,
    The loss of that witch we did not know,
    Now science has lain you down, read more »

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