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Poems About: LONELY

In this page, poems on / about “lonely” are listed.

  • 49.
    my lessons of man.

    my lesson are here for me to learn, discern, observe,
    my lesson one, man never to trust,
    lesson we need to learn all the time,
    Im I lonely because nobody can true pity me? read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 50.
    Lonely As Hell

    I am no man's burden
    I can take care of myself
    but it's lonely out in space
    I've come to know the area well. read more »

    Beyond Repair
  • 51.
    I'm very lonely,

    Im very lonely,
    So lonely I'm I,
    So lonely,
    That I thought of metaphysic's, read more »

    Maxim Muyu
  • 52.

    Lonely am I, lonely are the nights
    Lonely are the days as they quickly fade
    Lonely am I in this cold weather
    Lonely feels the winter, and my life as a blur read more »

    Shelcy Joseph
  • 53.
    Lonely hearts

    Lonely hearts, they don't cry
    They moan in silence, they want to die.
    Lonely hearts, they have no fear
    And strength to dropp a single tear read more »

    Katerina Yanchuk
  • 54.
    Forever Lonely Road

    As I walk along the forever lonely road
    Thoughts of you collide in my mind, and I can't get them out

    As I walk along the forever lonely road read more »

    Mikaila Scotto
  • 55.
    The Loneliest Tear

    The loneliest tear trickles down
    A forgotten smile turns to a frown
    Rolling slowly down the cheek
    I cant let it make me weak read more »

  • 56.

    When you feel lost or scared,
    you may just be lonely.
    When you are sad, but no ones
    you’re really just lonely. read more »

    Elyssa Mathy
  • 57.
    A Girl

    A girl
    Lonely and forgotten
    Never known read more »

    Jennifer Cramer
  • 58.
    A Lonely Tear

    A lonely tear falls down
    A smile turns to frown
    Trickles down the cheek
    Does not make you weak read more »

    Megan Dugan
  • 59.


    It's not even a proper word read more »

    Lonely People Champion
  • 60.
    Lonely Soul

    I'm nowhere to be found.
    You couldn't find me if you tryed. read more »

    Dead Ducky
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