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Lonely Again - Poem by BurningDesire PhekoMotaung

Lonely again
I say when I was a child I was
Left alone because none was
There to take care of me

I am lonely this evening and my
Solitariness is worsened by the knowledge that
In our times they still have not ended
The thrice cycle of vicious poverty and
Illiteracy and ignorance and the worst
Hit of the world lsuffers in the safe
Confines of solitary confinement where
Ohers want them not to be seen and
Certainly for their muffled voices of
Anger and protess not to be heard above
The warning shots of the riot police

Lonely again
I say as a grown up man now
I am left to my devices to device
Some stratagem to be with you
I am ready to share the
Privileges that I have that
You don't have I offer no
Resistance if you offer me love

Lonely again
I say hear me cry see me
As I beg for reason to prevail
And ask that agitate for
My heart to unite with your heart
By square inch of love for love

I am lonely tonight
And the flames of my loneliness
Want to burst into the storm of long
Brooding revolution because
I am tired of living among the poor
Because man I am tired of hearinf
The lie beong told that the lot of the
Poor will be improved by their oppressors
Because I have no sympathy for the
Poorest of the poor who by theor inaction
Prolong their savage insufferable suffering

I say
Boldly do I sacrifice the
Wealth of my love my life's suffering
To be loved and cared for by you
But hardly do you enter my life and
You do not claim the free booty of my
Love and my life for yourself you are
Isolated from the good life and the
Good love that you throw away

I say
I am lonely again
Because you do not come
To end the hours of extreme
Loneliness that pervade my life

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