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  • 37.
    0205 Front porch days

    London, six o'clock in June, two-o-o-five:

    These streets were built in nineteen-five or thereabouts
    in unimaginative grid, on London clay and previous watercress beds
    by builders and those, quote, 'developers',
    whose sudden stroke of luck was that the Tube line was diverted
    and foreshortened, now to pass this way all overground;
    it took a century, and climate change, to prove
    that cracked-out summer clay and winter watercourse,
    and building onto earth, are not the best foundation...
    but these terraces of modest houses
    (alternate houses gabled, bayed, to suggest they're twice the size)
    have stood the test of time, when, often, underpinned;
    intended for the aspirational working-class,
    they've now become, these last few years,
    'first homes' for the equally aspirational middle-class;
    tonight the streets are nose-to-tail with silent, gleaming
    four-wheelers looking down their grilles
    at nifty runabouts - some, I regret to say,
    parked where suburban front-gardens once declared respectability
    in token concrete-and-flower three metres square of space
    as subtly expressive in miniature
    as any grandly-vista-ed and avenued ducal drive.

    All is very quiet at this hour; doors firmly closed;
    front gardens are for show just like front parlours were.
    Across the road, for all I know,
    (for this is London; one does not often chum across the street)
    our neighbours may live sunburned Southern lives
    in long back gardens which face West (ours, East and overshadowed) :
    while on this side, just one front door is out of line:
    like some beached whale (or dolphin sounds more cute)
    providing a double-take but just too late for passing pedestrians,
    I sit at open door with paperback, in jasmine heaven,
    which may last - three weeks? but which in this first year of flower,
    is both a song of praise and Southern holiday;
    it's lost its first exhilaration, but acquired
    a subtle maturity so that, one lungful gloried in,
    one's ready straightway for yet more perfection;
    a week or so, and its poignant sharp-sour scent
    will bring back memories of summer's ripe Venetian back-canals.

    This new-found gazebo, to you in Southern climes
    will be just commonplace - as afternoon front porch,
    or sociable evening verandah or leisured stoep,
    where West Indians, for instance, wait to pass the time of day
    with passing neighbours; for me, exotic new delight;
    so that I'm quietly proud when the Trinidadians from two doors away
    take my presence, sitting there, as invitation to pause there at my gate
    and pass the time of day.

    On one side of the door, vermilion geraniums
    survived a mildish winter; their colour in this evening sun
    incredible: blazing colour from one petal, sun-glowed in another;
    can vermilion really be, as reason and art-teachers say,
    a mixture of yellow in with red? Not here, today...and so, itself,
    that you can feel it hit the retina and demand
    more than the physics of the eye can stand....
    and then, the other side, the pink geranium
    sings quite a different song - one hears, but cannot say
    just where the difference lies in colour's music scale.

    Metaphysics, for three thousand years or more
    in East and West, has held in high debate
    whether what, like this, the senses' scene, provides
    may be direct connection with what's called divine;
    or whether this must be transcended in some mindful way.
    The answer, here, today, for me is in
    one glimpse of sunlight through geranium. read more »

  • 38.
    Inasmuch As Ye Did It Not . . .

    If Jesus came to London,
    Came to London to-day,
    He would not go to the West End,
    He would come down our way; read more »

  • 39.
    The Christmas Goose

    Mr. Smiggs was a gentleman,
    And he lived in London town;
    His wife she was a good kind soul,
    And seldom known to frown. read more »

  • 40.

    Once I saw a black & white photo
    taken by a Japanese tourist
    of London schoolboys
    walking briskly to grammar school. read more »

  • 41.
    William Blake

    He came to the desert of London town
    Gray miles long;
    He wandered up and he wandered down,
    Singing a quiet song. read more »

  • 42.
    Lights Out

    Darkness expectant, discreet
    Only a lamp here and there,
    Gloom in the clattering street,
    Stygian black in the square; read more »

  • 43.
    A Cook

    They had a cook with them who stood alone For boiling chicken with a marrow-bone, Sharp flavouring powder and a spice for savour. He could disting ... read more »

  • 44.
    Thought for Today

    Today's Marathon Day here in London.
    An unpleasant image strikes me:
    suppose the journey to the Pearly Gates
    looks just like the TV coverage of the marathon? read more »

  • 45.
    Ballade Of Cleopatra's Needle

    Ye giant shades of RA and TUM,
    Ye ghosts of gods Egyptian,
    If murmurs of our planet come
    To exiles in the precincts wan read more »

  • 46.
    In The Meadows At Mantua

    But to have lain upon the grass
    One perfect day, one perfect hour,
    Beholding all things mortal pass
    Into the quiet of green grass; read more »

  • 47.
    Peter the Wag

    From his obscure retreat:
    He was a merry genial wag,
    Who loved a mad conceit. read more »

  • 48.
    (M - Baba Amte - 1994) The Sight of Christ

    A son of India
    Rose from the breast of east
    Traveled west
    Breathed the London air read more »

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