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Poems About: LONDON

In this page, poems on / about “london” are listed.

  • 25.
    Zig-Zag on a London Train

    Shifted her
    To rest on her
    Head read more »

    Najib Altawell
  • 26.
    Photo of Schoolboys

    Once I saw a photograph
    taken by a 71 year old
    Japanese tourist
    in pre-WW 2 London read more »

    Michael Pruchnicki
  • 27.
    Lines on A.B

    When we went down to London in midst of the champaign
    A brother looked at me as though I had been Cain,
    And in a voice of thunder, as I sat at the table,
    He fiercely asked of me 'where is your Brother Abel?' read more »

    James McIntyre
  • 28.

    The sky is dark now
    And the night is here again
    But there is a moon shining over the London Bridge right over the sky
    And I keep watching that moon while I rest for a while at the Thames River read more »

    Aldo Kraas
  • 29.
    Lights Out

    Darkness expectant, discreet
    Only a lamp here and there,
    Gloom in the clattering street,
    Stygian black in the square; read more »

    Jessie Pope
  • 30.
    Memories of London

    Soaring from the Caribbean and stepping off of the plane
    Good old London you certainly felt the same
    Gatwick I savour you, for your scenery I pain
    O' how much I was grieving for the beautiful sight of you again read more »

    Dennis Adonis
  • 31.
    Travel Haiku - Brixton South West London

    Brixton Southwest London
    one souvenir seller who speaks
    no english read more »

    john tiong chunghoo
  • 32.
    The Sergeant's Song

    WHEN Lawyers strive to heal a breach,
    And Parsons practise what they preach;
    Then Little Boney he'll pounce down,
    And march his men on London town! read more »

    Thomas Hardy
  • 33.
    los angeles and london

    LA has the density
    of London, and its sprawl
    lacks truly the immensity
    that makes detractors crawl. read more »

    gershon hepner
  • 34.
    London bride is falling down like me

    I am falling down like london bridge.
    My life I can not rebuild.
    My life was claimed by forces from a far.
    By the forces from beyond. read more »

    Amy Louise Kerswell
  • 35.
    Hope Hanging On At Heathrow

    Like the last lonely leaf on the London plane,
    I drive down, lonesome, up the long airport track,
    Still hanging on, through the wind and the rain. read more »

    C Richard Miles
  • 36.
    Ballade Of Cleopatra's Needle

    Ye giant shades of RA and TUM,
    Ye ghosts of gods Egyptian,
    If murmurs of our planet come
    To exiles in the precincts wan read more »

    Andrew Lang
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