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Poems For Strangers - Poem by Pierre Rausch

Dali attraction, starving helm
Container, the resolved elm
Restore order and humped
Poems on a postcard stamped
Bobby’s swimming in the Thames
221 Baker Street never made sense
On a letter card Yellow Park, the ranger
Capitals on a postcard for strangers
Capital of the mayor of Dockland
Brytonic evidence, settlement
The hills, Harold, The palace of M
The London tower, the Big Ben
Early modern reformation
First the fire of great inspiration
(Rebuilding) took over ten years, subcommittee
Supervised, it destroyed many parts of London
At a time of hostility and movie feature
Contemporarity to any development of theatre
Traffic congestion to lower world
The first local urban rail network
Metropolitan board of works
London's overcrowded conditions led to cholera
Claiming 14,000 lives in 1848’s opera
In 1948 Summer Olympics got held
A bare number of immigrant from commonwealth
To ask
to click
Anglo-Saxon known as Lundenwic
Formulate again bazaar or ranger
Poems on a postcard for strangers
Subculture associated with king and queen
Trendsetters, era punk, early Chelsea
Top level, the palace of Buckingham,
Couldn't mention the lords in Big Ben
Despite its reputation as being a rainy ferret
London may have a temperate ocean climate
In a year at 834
mm or Bordeaux at 923
mm Rome
London receives less precipitation than a drone
District Bloomsbury, Mayfair, button
Reflect names that aren’t absorbed as lower Sutton
West-End's entertainment and shopping district
The main price for property in Kensington is at about 894,000 pound for tourists
Homestead health from Kensington garden to south penitentiary
Throughout the past mid-century, an average 8 million live here
Tussaud Wax Museum of the local attraction
Stock brick, Richmond, Ath
A few trace roman and a Tudor comprehend
Trafalgar Square, Arch of the character monument

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