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Poems About: LIMERICK

In this page, poems on / about “limerick” are listed.

  • 325.
    Limerick For A Poet

    There once lived in sunny Tweed Heads
    a great poet who had many pets
    from a crow who could talk
    to a wombat who'd walk read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 326.
    Limerick For Beginners

    A recalcitrant poetry critic
    who was harsh and a bit analytic
    was the colour of custard
    but the hot taste of mustard read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 327.
    Benign Limericks

    In the forests of Uluru
    fertile pebbles of Kangaroo poo
    make the bunya trees thrive
    and the bees in their hive read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 328.
    Loveable Limericks

    It was five o'clock in the morning
    when I saw her, and, sweetly, adorning
    her pearly white flesh
    was a fisherman's mesh read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 329.
    Limerick Practice 88

    They played with the goddamn Lego
    in the Park outside San Diego
    'til the cows all came home
    then they flew off to Rome read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 330.
    Limerick Practice 77

    On the Vancouver Nainaimo Ferry
    lounged in deck chairs Lamont and Sherrie.
    It was late and the hour
    for their afternoon shower read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 331.
    Limerick for a Friday Night

    I once dated an overweight girl.
    She was cute and her first name was Shirl.
    When we tried to make love
    after push and much shove read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 332.
    Limerick Practice

    In the jungle the lion is king.
    To placate him the birds all do sing.
    But watch out for the leopard
    and his guardian, the shepherd. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 333.
    Morning Routine: A Limerick

    Everyday the young store clerk
    Would show up to work with a smirk
    Each morning his girlfriend would have her body on display
    with that body he would play read more »

    Jim Milks
  • 334.
    Limerick For Sherrie - With Special Meaning

    Fifty cows grazing on the green grass,
    when a young one, a Polled Herford lass
    tried to let out a burp,
    it was more of a slurp. read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 335.
    January Limericks

    A surgeon called Stanislav Slaughter
    took his blond anorexic young daughter
    to a pigs' knuckle feast
    (yes, the pig was deceased) read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 336.

    There was an old from Newberry
    He daughter's name was Kerry
    She left at night
    And broke the light read more »

    Bry Caldwell
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