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Poems About: LIMERICK

In this page, poems on / about “limerick” are listed.
  • 1.
    Boob Box Baby

    Dilly-dally told ditz
    'I'll show you life on the ritz'
    He did it becuz'
    He wanted some fuzz read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 2.
    A Caffeinated Life

    I've reached beyond those limits that bound
    And searched around ‘til I finally found
    The Pinnacle of Reality
    Is in my utter mortality read more »

    Udiah (witness to Yah)
  • 3.
    (Stuff and Nonsense) Limericks Schlimericks

    Recently I heard a poet say that limericks should not rhyme because there is no rhyme for the word 'limerick'. This seemed flimsy reasoning to me but anyway I set myself to find some rhymes for Limerick. Here are some of the (very silly) results:

    Said a poet composing a limerick read more »

    Janice Windle
  • 4.
    If I were...

    May 12th
    Limerick Day celebrates the birthday of Writer Edward Lear (1812-1888) . It also, of course, celebrates Limerick poems. Limericks were popularized by Lear in 1846 in his Book of Nonsense'.
    This day is a time to enjoy and get your fill of Limerick poems. We are so glad that it came along to brighten up our lives. Celebrate Limerick Day in style by writing a Limerick or two of your own. Or, sit down and read a few humorous Limericks. They are guaranteed to make you smile.
    A Limerick is a humorous verse or poem. It is five lines longs. Its name comes from the city of Limerick, Ireland. The first two lines rhyme with the fifth line rhyme. The third and fourth lines rhyme. read more »

    Albert Ahearn
  • 5.

    This is a limerick,
    Written with aid of a stick
    Although, limericks are supposed to be poetry,
    So, I suppose this really just quirky. read more »

    Andy Xie
  • 6.
    John, The King of Limericks...

    There is a great man from England
    Who is so sweet and kind, a man from a lightly land
    In the lands of limericks, he wears a Golden ring
    He is the master of Limericks, he is their King read more »

    Ellias Anderson C.A ( Known as captain A)
  • 7.
    On Being Told That There Is No Rhyme For The Word “Limerick”

    After I heard Harry’s limerick,
    I found that my mind set to simmer. “Rick, ”
    I said to myself,
    “One might write it itself, ” read more »

    C Richard Miles
  • 8.
    The Strange Haiku

    read more »

    Sarah Elder
  • 9.
    Thirty Limericks On Various Subjects


    The writing of good limericks you see
    requires two parts insanitee -
    two parts rhythyme read more »

    Otido Omukuba
  • 10.
    Kitten (school assignment 7th)


    There once was a very cute kitten,
    Who liked to sleep in a mitten. read more »

    Jane Meyer
  • 11.
    The Art Of Writing Limericks

    A limerick can be rather funny
    when the syllables are on the money.
    But when none of it fits
    it can give you the shits read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
  • 12.
    No Limerick?

    A poem presenting with rhyme
    and which follows a rhythm in time
    need not be what we call
    a true Limerick at all read more »

    Herbert Nehrlich
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